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Hackers attack the AP-HP during a coronavirus crisis

by archyde

In January, Guillaume Poupard, head of the National Agency for Information Systems Security (Anssi), prophesied: “The attackers have no ethics so they would be able to attack the CHU at the time of a crisis when we need them to be sure to get a ransom. “

It happened: Sunday, the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, which manages 39 public hospitals in Île-de-France, was the victim of a brief but intense computer attack. Confirming information from L’Express, the AP-HP announced that it had suffered at the end of the morning, on two of its Internet addresses, a denial of service or “DDoS” attack.

This hacking consists in generating a large quantity of simultaneous connections in order to overload the servers. This hour-long cyber attack “was managed by the AP-HP provider and never reached its infrastructure,” the agency said. But this flash maneuver may not be the attackers’ ultimate goal.

An attempt from afar

“This type of attack can saturate the security systems in order to place a possible more intelligent attack which would give access later to the complete system and prepare the installation of a ransomware,” analyzes Arnaud Lemaire, technical director of F5 Networks. , a cybersecurity company specializing in protection against “DDoS” attacks.

During the attack, this private provider decided to reduce Internet access “to better manage the situation”, which had the consequence of blocking external access to messaging, Skype as well as external access to applications of the AP-HP.

“They try to hurt once and can ask for payment or risk starting again more violently. Like a form of terrorism, ”says Arnaud Lemaire of F5 Networks.

As often, it is almost impossible to attribute this act of piracy to a group of hackers or to a country. Troubling, however, the attack was brought to a halt and the situation returned to normal when access to outside Europe was blocked …

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