Hackers: Latest attack on Microsoft Exchange breached 30,000 emails

The reports of cybersecurity reveal that four exploits found in software Exchange Server caused more than 30 000 Emails from United States commercial and governmental organizations are pirated, according to the report of KrebsOnSecurity.

The exploits already received a security patch by Microsoft, but the company security experts who spoke with Krebs say the purge process will be a larger effort for the thousands of state governments, fire and police departments, financial institutions and organizations that were affected.

According to the tech giant, the vulnerabilities allowed hackers Chinese get access to email accounts and install malware to access servers at any time.

Method used

The experts in cybersecurity they say the same group of hackers Chinese drastically stepped up attacks on any server Exchange worldwide who had not updated the security patch.

In each attack, the intruders left a “web shell”, a password-protected hacker tool that can be accessed from any browser. The web shell gives attackers administrative access to the victim’s computer servers at any time.

Microsoft yes Has published various security updates to correct the vulnerabilities and suggests that they be installed immediately.

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