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Original title: Haddadi 23+17 key one block to win the battle Moortree had the last laugh

On the evening of January 16, Beijing time, the Sichuan men’s basketball team finally beat the Xinjiang men’s basketball team 102-97 after four hard fights, sending the opponent to a two-game losing streak. In this game, Sichuan center Haddadi scored 23 points and 17 rebounds in a large double-double, and made great contributions to the final attack and defense in the crucial final quarter, making great contributions to the team’s final victory.

Facing the Xinjiang foreign aid Moortree who has been in excellent form recently, Haddadi started a tit-for-tat contest with his opponent from the beginning of the game: In the first offense of Sichuan in the first quarter, Haddadi played Moortree on the back in a low position, taking advantage of his height in the third quarter. He made a fallback jumper from outside the second zone to get the first point. However, Moortree then used the speed advantage to continuously attack in front of Haddadi to help Xinjiang overtake the score, and the two teams launched a fierce confrontation. In addition to continuing to succeed at the basket, Haddadi also assisted Jing Hanyi and Han Shuo to score consecutively as a tactical center, helping the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team take the lead. After the singles in the latter part of the quarter caused Moortree to foul two free throws and staged a one-arm dunk, Haddadi scored 7 points and 2 assists in the first quarter, and Moortree, who scored 9 points, performed differently.

In the second quarter, Moortree was in a hot state. After scoring 10 points in a single quarter, he became the main scoring point of the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, helping the Xinjiang men’s basketball team to take the initiative. Haddadi reappeared in the middle of the quarter, but faced with the opponent’s quick offensive and defensive transition, and his physical strength was rapidly exhausted. Xinjiang players rushed for offensive rebounds many times, and it was not until half a minute before the end of the quarter that he used free throws to score points. After halftime, Haddadi scored 9 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

In the third quarter, Haddadi scored a tip-up to show his height advantage, and then he stole Moortree to instigate a counterattack, leading the team to play a continuous offensive to take the lead. As Haddadi fouled for rebounds in the middle of the quarter, he made two free throws to extend his advantage to 12 points. Afterwards, Haddadi slapped Moortree’s layup in the matchup, helping the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team to end the third quarter with a 10-point lead.

In the last quarter, the Xinjiang men’s basketball team launched a counterattack again to bring the point difference closer. Haddadi reappeared at the critical moment and played the role of a firefighter. His dunks at the basket and follow-up tip-ups helped the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team maintain its lead, and used high-position support and solid screens to create scoring space for his teammates many times. When the opponent was struggling to chase the points, Haddadi made two free throws after holding the ball from the outside to make Moortree foul three and a half minutes before the end of the quarter, and then he grabbed the ball that was dropped by Abdusalamu and made a dunk. , to help the Xinjiang men’s basketball team consolidate its advantages. When Moortree dunked inside to chase the score to 95-97, Haddadi made a strong attack in front of Moortree without showing weakness, and once again let the Sichuan men’s basketball team enter the safe zone.

Moortree’s layup a minute before the end brought the difference to 2 points again, but in the last 7 seconds, Haddadi’s solid block gave Han Shuo a chance to play Moortree in a dislocated single. The latter made a crucial step back. A three-pointer hit and helped the Sichuan men’s basketball team to seal the victory. Haddadi scored a large double-double with 23 points and 17 rebounds in the whole game, and staged a fierce inside battle with Moortree, who scored 36 points and 16 rebounds. With the final victory belonging to the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team, Haddadi also Finally got the last laugh. (legend)Return to Sohu, see more


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