Haifa Magic a painful sexual transformation story.. She fell in love with a married man and broke up with Rabie for this reason

Haifa Magic is one of the most famous transgender women. She was known for her great similarity to the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe.
After that, she became a star on social networking sites, to turn into a singer, releasing songs continuously, and garnering very high numbers of views on YouTube.

the origin

Haifa Magic was originally a young man named Sobhi Adel, but she was never convinced that she wanted to be a man or that she was a male, and she treated her whole life on the basis that she was young, until she decided to undergo plastic surgery. She recounted several times how difficult this period was for her, because of the aches she was feeling, and she even wished to die at that time, because she could no longer bear her pain, and she had to take nerve medications.
Haifa MagicShe was born in 1990 in Syria, but she is of Palestinian origin. She moved from Syria to live in Lebanon, before going for a while to Malaysia so that she could convert and practice her transformation, and her sexual and physical inclinations.
Haifa Magic took the name Nay as its official name, as Haifa Magic is its artistic name, and it cannot be her real name to obtain identification papers after changing the gender. As for her choice of Haifa’s name as an artistic name, she does not deny that she was influenced by Haifa Wehbe, who She was considered one of the most beloved actresses, when she decided to transform and was in love with her very much at that time.

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Entering the world of art

SaysHaifa MagicShe is the one who decided to enter the world of art, not with the aim of providing a voice but rather “themes” or an event that happened with her. Every period, Haifa Magic releases a song on its YouTube channel, including “Magnathum Ya Ana”, “OMG”, the song “Asfour” and “Taqqa wa Farqa’i”.

her love life

got engagedHaifa MagicWith a young man named Rabie Badr, and he appeared with her in many videos on social media, and they got married after Haifa obtained papers that converted her into a female, but the differences were always between them, as news of their separation and divorce spread several times, but she was back and appearing with him every time.
On the other hand, it recognizesHaifa MagicThat she wished to make Belqis separate from her Saudi husband, Sultan bin Abdul Latif, because she liked her very much. They are ashamed of her presence with him.

Actual separation from Rabie

AWe separated the duo at the beginning of 2022, and Haifa Magic revealed the reason for making this decision after a relationship that lasted for many years, and she said in a live video in which she appeared on her private page on the social networking site, that she was the one who made the decision to separate, because he did not buy her a gift on Valentine’s Day The past is in addition to other problems that you did not talk about.
Rabea later became associated with a young Iraqi woman and they entered into a war on social media against Haifa.

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The first love story she lived with a man…married!

Haifa Magic revealed the first love story in her life that she lived with a man and said that she was living in Thailand at the time and decided to enter the field of singing, so she met someone to help her record a song and from the first moments of their meeting she felt that there was great chemistry between them even though he was married, which she knew about him his wife.
Haifa Magic fell in love with this person and he reciprocated this feeling and they started spending time together, but then things started to get exposed between them, but then she confessed her love for him and him too. After that, his wife found out about the matter, and the divorce took place, and Haifa’s relationship with her first lover remained, but the separation occurred later

adventures in thailand

she wasHaifa MagicShe lives in one of the Gulf countries, but there were some problems with her and she decided to move to Malaysia, and she established a brand of cosmetics in her own name with some partners, and she became known there by her shape, but the international brand that she launched in her name for cosmetics is headquartered in New York, and she opened A beauty center in Lebanon as well, so besides singing, Haifa Magic is a business woman.
Haifa Magic travels occasionally for her business and is currently based in Lebanon.

her religion

In the videos that she publishes on her account on a social networking site, she said:Haifa MagicHer religion is Islam, and she plans to perform Hajj and Umrah in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. She also answered many questions about religion, and said that she would not wear the veil in her life, although it suits her very much, according to her words.
On one occasion, Haifa Magic came out with a live video on its own page, and pictures and a statue of Saint Charbel appeared in her home.

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She refused to have mercy on Sarah Hegazy, and this is her opinion on the case of Ibn Hisham Selim

In June 2020, activist Sarah Hegazy died and the matter caused an uproar, especially since Sarah had announced that she was a lesbian, but Haifa Magic refused to have mercy on her because Sarah did not recognize the existence of God, and therefore Magic considered that she could not say “God have mercy on her.” “.
And she said: “Concerning the issue of Sarah Hijazi, I am not concerned with her sexual orientation and I do not care about anything, but as long as it is the event and I deny the existence of God, I cannot say God have mercy on her because this is her decision.”
As for the son of the actor Hisham Selim, who announced his sexual transformation, she indicated that he gave her great confidence, and continued: “As if he gave me a treasure and told something that made my heart and a lot of great courage for me.”

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