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Hail, thunderstorms and floods in Lucerne and Zug


115 reports in Lucerne, 175 in Zug: violent hailstorms flooded streets, fallen trees and interrupted railway lines

On Monday evening, a violent thunderstorm hit Lucerne and Zug – and kept the emergency services on their toes.

A violent thunderstorm hit our region on Monday evening.

Canton lucerne

Almost 300 firefighters were on duty in Lucerne. The communities in the Rontal, in the Rothenburg / Emmenbrücke area and in Entlebuch were particularly affected. Between 6:05 p.m. and 7:37 p.m., a total of 115 incident reports due to storm damage were received. In addition to fallen trees, the reports also concerned flooded stretches of road such as underpasses, but also water masses that flowed into cellars. The Lucerne police announced this later in the evening.

The storm with hail showers covered parts of the canton of Lucerne. The communities of Root, Meierskappel, Ebikon, Dierikon, Emmen and Buchrain were hardest hit. There were no reports from the northern part of the canton. A total of 14 fire brigade corps with almost 300 people were deployed at over 130 locations.

In Emmenbrücke the streets were partially flooded:

There was also a hail of rain in Buchrain:

Reader video Thomas Aebischer

In Rothenburg there was a particularly strong hail:

Canton of Zug

In the canton of Zug, the police operations control center had received 175 reports on buildings that were under water by 8 p.m. The communities Risch, Hünenberg, Cham, Zug, Baar and Neuheim are affected. The fire brigades are in constant use there.

The railway line between Rotkreuz and Cham is currently interrupted. A replacement bus operates. Likewise the line between Zug and Arth-Goldau. Delays, train cancellations and diversions are to be expected. How long the disruption lasts is unclear.

Even the inside of the train station in Zug is white. The scenes are impressive: the train station concourse in Zug is flooded with hail.

White splendor in Zug train station.

Reader reporter

All the shops in the station draw water from the inside and people wipe the hailstones from the entrances. These have accumulated in heaps everywhere.

Even cars got stuck in the hail in Zug:

A cyclist struggles through the knee-deep masses of water on General-Guisan-Strasse in Zug:

Leihgasse in Baar is like a river:

Land under on Leihgasse in Baar.

Reader video

Parking Herti in Zug is also under water:

The water under the bridge of the former railway line from Zug to Affoltern am Albis: the groundwater basin fills knee-deep in just under ten minutes:

Video: Marco Morosoli (Zug, June 21, 2021)

On Kolinplatz in Zug, the water only flows down the street:

Reader reporter PilatusToday

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Hail from the weekend causes damage amounting to millions

Over the weekend there were heavy thunderstorms in large parts of Switzerland. The weather also brought hail. As the insurance company Axa writes, the particularly affected regions are Malters / Kriens, Thun and Friborg. The Axa expects around 3700 damage reports and a loss amount of around 11 million francs. Axa has even set up a task force to deal with the cases.

Hailstones the size of a golf ball have penetrated vehicle windows and caused enormous sheet metal damage. Most of the damage was to cars, and in isolated cases the thunderstorms also caused property damage to buildings and household items.

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