Haimbuchner on Ash Wednesday in Rieder: The carnival of the black-green federal government is finally over!

The most important thing for citizens would be the security and protection of borders

Linz After the corona-related break in 2022 and Ash Wednesday in 2021 in digital form, the Rieder Ash Wednesday took place again today in the Jahnturnhalle. Around 2,000 visitors came to the Innviertel to hear the statements by federal party chairman, club chairman Herbert Kickl and FPÖ state party chairman, state governor deputy. dr to follow Manfred Haimbuchner. Guests of honor included the Ombudsman Dr. Walter Rosenkranz, State Party Secretary Michael Gruber and the second President of the State Parliament, Sabine Binder. The ticket for admission, with which beer and a herring feast can be consumed, cost 15 euros again this year. The market music band Andorf with chairman Fabian Kleinpötzl and conductor Johannes Fischer provided the musical accompaniment to the event. ****

At the beginning of his speech, the Upper Austrian state party chairman went straight to the break caused by the corona: “We owe the fact that we haven’t been here for so long – not least – to the black-green carnival association and their Corona parade. But today is political Ash Wednesday again and from here there is a clear message to the big city left: The carnival of the black-green federal government is finally over! The lockdowns are finally history, the ‘knock-down’ for black-green is yet to come – they will be ‘kicked’ away. Now, at the latest, the left-green moralizers in the government-loyal, tax-financed quality media are turning their stomachs. Vaccination doesn’t help, there are lozenges for that – ‘Rennie cleans up the stomach’ and nobody can stop the FPÖ. And certainly not this left-green re-education center in Vienna, which is called ORF,” emphasizes the FP head of state that more and more people are turning away from this ORF.”

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“People no longer want the manipulations, they can no longer stand the educational dictatorship, they reject the do-gooder hypocrisy, the daily partisanship and the left-wing moral apostle.” There are currently 3.3 million Gis payers, that should now stop 4 million households to be expanded. “We were already against compulsory vaccination, we are also against an ORF obligation,” says Haimbuchner on the planned ORF household fee. The state tax, which is also collected, does not exist in Upper Austria because the FPÖ in Upper Austria has resisted it.

Haimbuchner massively criticized “the red-green-pink Viennese party, it is the real divide in our country. They are the ones who, with their inner-city arrogance, want to tell us how people in the country should talk, vote and live. They want to patronize the country, they shut down police stations in the country and let illegal migrants into the country unhindered. They are killing local suppliers and farmers with their energy policy. Medical care in rural areas is being thinned out.”

The FPÖ Upper Austria have shown numerous ways to improve the situation. “But the federal government in Vienna behaves like a bedside rug of the EU. You have to put up with this EU very hard. Corruption in Brussels needs to be combed through like a forest infested with a bark beetle.”

“We feel the EU impact in this country every day:
EU bureaucracy everywhere you look – there is an EU regulation for every flatulence that you hear,” says Haimbuchner, naming a few examples: the EU drinking water directive, the EU building directive or the Seveso III directive. “Failure to comply could result in infringement proceedings. But I assume that neither Romania nor Portugal and Spain will stick to it.”

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The most important thing for the citizens of Europe would be security and security means protection of borders, protection against illegal immigration. “There are clear laws for this, which state that an asylum seeker must submit an application where he first set foot on European soil. That’s definitely not Austria,” Haimbuchner believes that laws only apply to locals. “Everyone else can do what they want,” the FP boss reminds of the various crimes committed by asylum seekers such as the murder in Wullowitz in 2019, but also the riots on Halloween night in Linz and criticized the lack of measures. “First they enter the country illegally, are fed, commit crimes and are not deported. If we don’t let them in, then we don’t need to monitor them either”, Haimbuchner still lacks information about what the Turkish ÖVP had really planned with regard to preventive detention. “Basic rights are discussed for our own citizens. But we Liberals are not to be had for constitutional experiments.”

Libertarians are the guarantor of normality in politics

Peaceful corona demos were denigrated in the media, the dangerous climate stickers disrupted the road traffic regulations for months and were worshiped. Commuters who have to go to work are being harassed – you can’t put up with that.” Police officers would be sentenced to stand by and handle the neglected climate bagage with kid gloves.

“The super climate activists are sitting on the street with the iPhone from Asia, with the rags from Asia and flying to Bali on vacation. They should rather be working,” the FP country manager explains that his clothes come from Austria. “The ‘last generation’ had better cling to the 1,077 coal-fired power plants and gigantic skyscrapers full of pig farms in China with their communist friends.

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“We love our homeland, our culture and our customs. We liberals make politics for our children. There is a lot to do in Austria, Austria is such a beautiful country, Austria needs to change again for the better, for that we first need to sink this colorful ship of fools in Vienna. The FPÖ is again on the way to first place, and in Upper Austria we are also over 30 percent in polls. We have a great responsibility that we want to take on. People are angry because family and performance are no longer worth anything and therefore: Things will only change if the FPÖ is elected. Dear Herbert Kickl, take responsibility in this country,” emphasized Haimbuchner:
“We Liberals are the guarantor of normality in politics!” (finally) bt

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