Half of air transport emissions generated by 1% of the world’s population

A study, taken up on its front page by the American version of Guardian, points out the disproportionate impact in carbon emissions linked to air transport of a small elite of “Super-transmitters”.

If you are prone to “flygskam”, this shame of flying because of its environmental consequences, here is something not to be too hard on yourself: you may not be one of the “1% of the population” who have been “Responsible for half of global carbon emissions from air transport” in 2018, according to a study published in the newspaper Global Environment Change and resumed on its front page by the American edition of Guardian.

These “Super-transmitters”, as the daily describes them, accounted for half of the “Billion tonnes of carbon dioxide produced” by the sector during this year 2018. This “elite” is itself part of an elite, since the Guardian recalls that this same year, “Only 11% of the world’s population have flown, and 4% an international flight”.

In detail, the study continues:

American air passengers have by far the largest carbon footprint among rich countries. Their air emissions are higher than those of the next ten countries in the ranking combined, including the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia. ”

According to “Stefan Gössling, from Linnaeus University, Sweden, who conducted this study”, cited by the Guardian, if we want to tackle climate change and rethink [le secteur aérien], we should start at the top, where a few ‘super-transmitters’ massively contribute to global warming ”.

Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused “A 50% drop in the number of thefts”, remind him Guardian, can at least be used to act on the subject, considers the scientist:

The rich have had too much freedom to shape the planet according to their wishes. We should see the crisis as an opportunity to reduce air transport ”.

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