Half of RATP drivers still on strike

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Unlike the SNCF, the RATP does not communicate on its rate of strikers. According to press reports, these figures are quite significant, after 42 days of strike.

Traffic at RATP has been severely disrupted since December 5.
Traffic at RATP has been severely disrupted since December 5. 44495750 / fivepointsix – stock.adobe.com

Parisian metros are gradually resuming their daily journeys. This does not prevent some lines from being always very disturbed, like line 3, 5, 12 or 13. And for good reason, the rate of strikers at RATP remains quite high after more than 40 days of strike, as the newspapers reveal Opinion and The echoes. According to this information, nearly 14% of employees are still on strike at the company. A figure that would climb to almost 60% for metro drivers alone. At Figaro, the RATP claims however to have no information on this subject and therefore refuses to comment on these figures.

Comparing them with those of the SNCF, strikers therefore appear to be much more numerous at RATP, where the general rate seems to stabilize around 6%. And the trend seems to differ slightly. Admittedly, after so many days of strike, the mobilization rates are decreasing in the two companies, but in a more controlled manner at the RATP. December 5, always according to Opinion, and without confirmation at Figaro, the rate was over 55% across all categories and 85% among drivers. On December 17, 40% of RATP agents were still on strike, then 30% on January 9, for seven out of ten drivers. After that date, the rate dropped dramatically – except among drivers where it remained roughly the same – to 14% today.

While the rate of strikers has declined somewhat for several days, the position of the majority unions of the RATP (Unsa-RATP, CGT, CFE-CGC) has not changed since the temporary withdrawal of the pivotal age. They remain opposed to the reform. This leads, within Unsa, to some disagreements with union leader Laurent Escure, who is more apt to reach out to the government. For the past few days, the RATP has been able to make about half of the journeys it usually makes each day, i.e. the contractual obligation imposed on it by Ile-de-France Mobilités.



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