Halo Infinite is nearing completion according to team member

Since the end of 2020 is available the Xbox Series X / Series S, out of stock worldwide. A console that was to be accompanied by a very strong launch game, Halo Infinite. The new opus of a video game franchise owned by Microsoft and which is the heyday of the Xbox. But unfortunately, the latter was pushed back following a cold reception during a gameplay conference. A lot of fans have pointed out a cheesy aesthetic and graphics unworthy of the Xbox Series X / Series S. 343 Industries, in charge of development, decided to take more time.

Because developing a new Halo always represents pressure on the developers’ shoulders, who know the enthusiasm that the franchise arouses.

Crédit : Xbox Game Studios

And today, as reported IGN, good news. One of the members of 343 Industries explains that theThe game is soon over and needs some tweaking.

Halo Infinite seems to be progressing well according to 343 Industries

Quinn DelHoyo, who works as a sandbox designer, returned to the progress of Halo Infinite, soon to be completed. The man explains that the teams are busy and “ fix bugs related to launch content »While specifying that everyone is already working on future additions : vehicles, weapons, etc. Quinn DelHoyo also shares that this launch content ” is tested every day, but it takes effort to go from 90% to 100% quality “. By revealing this data, the latter largely suggests that Halo Infinite is well advanced.

But what are the 3403 Industries teams currently doing? Quinn DelHoyo explains that they “ try to remove all bugs and fix everything As the launch approaches. But the latter take the time to verify that the artistic direction meets the requirements to make Halo Infinite the game that was imagined. And Quinn DelHoyo warns: “ sandbox items you may have seen previously might be retouched the moment you see them again ».

This last sentence is quite essential. Quinn DelHoyo widely suggests that the visual elements have been reworked by the teams, echoing the Halo Infinite graphics controversy. 343 Industries seems more certain than ever of its end game.


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