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Halo Infinite: recent insider find may upset gamers

Game news Halo Infinite: recent insider find may upset gamers

After launching its multiplayer counterpart on the twentieth anniversary of the license, 343 Industries is poised to deliver the overall Halo Infinite experience by launching the latter’s campaign mode. However, two days before its availability, new information regarding the physical edition of the game may make people cringe!

That’s it, the future of the Halo series is about to be written on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. After having talked to you for a long time about multijoueur free-to-play d’Halo Infinite, which is positioned as a must for the end of the year 2021, it is now the experience offered by the game campaign that holds our attention. This one was recently apprehended and we gave you our impressions in our test, but some details are trickling down to us before the official release of the game, in physics and in dematerialized form. Awards in the countryside, storage space necessary for the installation of this one,… In the vein of this information, a constraining element of the physical editions made speak about him today!

A superb game, but at what cost?

Many players were anxiously waiting to see if Master Chief’s next adventure would live up to their expectations.. Hanging from the lips of the specialized press, a very large number of them must have breathed in front of the publication of the campaign tests, after positive feedback concerning the free-to-play multiplayer!

Among the personalities of the video game sector who had the opportunity to try their hand at the campaign and then share their impressions, we find John Linneman, the editor and video producer on behalf of the Digital Foundry and Eurogamer sites.

Rather convinced by the new proposal of 343 Industries, the journalist certainly underlined the qualities of the title but nonetheless forgot its faults, in particular technical, and there is one which does not pass for him and it concerns the physical edition of the game. Indeed, the disc supplied for Halo Infinite does not contain enough data for the game to be playable on its own, which indicates that an internet connection is mandatory!

A connection or nothing?

Halo Infinite: recent insider find may upset gamers

While this isn’t the first game to have accused this issue – some games sometimes come with a second disc with additional data to download – this is a real downside that gamers should be aware of, according to John Linneman. Thus, the full campaign of Halo Infinite, via the physical disk, would in reality be complete only if the rest was downloaded via internet access.

In fact, the journalist points out that a system message announces that the application is incomplete, passing only through the disc, and that it must be downloaded to be fully successful. At the moment, the contents of the physical editions are not yet known and it is impossible to know if the final versions will arrive in the same state as the test versions.

In this case, an internet connection will be necessary to download the missing data to load the game and its campaign.. This need could be explained in particular by the quantity of video and audio data allocated to the cutscenes of Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite: recent insider find may upset gamers

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