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Halo Infinite: surprises only for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers!

Game news Halo Infinite: surprises only for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers!

The release of Halo Infinite is approaching and we feel that the event is growing. To mark this day and make people talk about it, Microsoft has just announced some little in-game surprises for all those who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Between the excellence of Forza Horizon 5 last month and the titan Halo Infinite in a few days, we can say that the end of the year is strongly influenced by Microsoft, which is seriously starting to draw heavy artillery. The manufacturer continues to apply its plans with fervor, namely the arrival of certain furiously awaited exclusives while offering them in the Xbox Game Pass, its famous service which, for its part, is not about to stop in such a good way. path.

And it is precisely to encourage its subscription – and reward those who have already given in – that the Redmond firm has just announced a few treats to pick up in the new Masterchief adventure, on a very specific condition.

Boost XP, skin, challenge swaps: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers rewarded in Halo Infinite

Yesterday, Microsoft proudly unveiled all the upcoming Xbox game Pass arrivals for the month of December, to be found in our article here. So we see very popular franchises like Final Fantasy, One Piece and obviously Halo, whose episode Infinite will arrive in less than a week: the announcement of the American giant also included a small surprise, namely the presence of bonuses reserved for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All the players concerned will therefore be able to get off on the right foot with, in the multiplayer of the famous shooter, some sweets:

  • The “Pass Tense” skin for the MA40 assault rifle
  • 2 boosts d’XP
  • 4 Challenge Swaps

These bonuses are thus to be recovered in the famous multi of the FPS – our test is precisely available here – delivered in free-to-play and in parallel with the single player campaign which will be chargeable. They can be used on all versions, namely Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows PC or via the Cloud.

Le Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, kezaco ?

Small reminder of the facts for the curious, the interested and other players with an insatiable appetite: the Xbox Game Pass is neither more nor less than the main weapon of Microsoft, on which the American manufacturer relies heavily. This is a paid subscription service giving access to a catalog of hundreds of free access software at no additional cost. A kind of video game Netflix that also includes many big games from the day of their release, Xbox exclusives or not.

Halo Infinite: surprises only for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers!

If there are multiple versions of Xbox Game Pass, such as the one dedicated to Xbox consoles or the other to PC, the Ultimate version is quite aptly named and is the company’s supreme proposition. Not only does it include a subscription to EA Play (therefore with Electronic Arts games or exclusive discounts), but also gives access to both Xbox Game Pass on home machines, on Windows and on the Cloud.

The latter allows you to play directly on your phone or tablet thanks to the dedicated application… and thanks to a Wi-Fi or 4G / 5G connection, without a console handy. A considerable advantage for gaming anywhere and anytime and which is tending to become even more democratic, since Microsoft wants to extend the proposal also to Smart TVs (among others).

Obviously, all good things come at a price: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs a little more than others with a posted price of 12.99 euros per month (against 9.99 euros per month for the other two formulas). For this price, you will have access to many hits including, as we recall, Halo Infinite and the bonuses discussed above. Up to you.

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