Halo Infinite: the ungenerous single player campaign? A tweet sows doubt

Game News Halo Infinite: the ungenerous single player campaign? A tweet sows doubt

While Halo Infinite’s open multiplayer beta delivers on some of its promises, it’s hard to say today whether that will be the case with the game’s single-player campaign. to point out the lack of generosity of this one.

No pieces of armor donated during the campaign?

Next to a datamining (operation consisting in extracting data from the code of a game) of the single player campaign of Halo Infinite, it seems that the latter would not offer armor pieces as rewards but “only” weapon charms and dye kits to vary the colors on the armor. It was on Twitter that user @ChazJackal shared the results from a “discord with famous leakers” :

Did you expect to unlock armor pieces through the single player campaign? Hahahaha

In view of the shared results, 34 items would have to be collected during the main campaign. 9 armor paints, 7 vehicle paints, 5 weapon paints, 2 weapon charms, 10 emblems and a pose.

All around the Battle Pass?

Why are these the most popular pieces of armor? Because having them of all kinds allows you to change your appearance more effectively and therefore to orient the player towards what suits him the most. If the information mentioned above were to be confirmed, it would therefore be via the Battle Pass that most of the rewards would be given and in particular the pieces of armor so coveted.

However, the progression pass was at the heart of discussions last week: released at the same time as the multiplayer mode (published as a surprise during the 20 years of Xbox and Halo), this rewards system caused the frustration of players because of too much experience required to acquire rewards. Two days later, the team behind Halo rectifies the situation in several ways: by correcting dysfunctional challenges, and by adding a challenge.

Still, we must take this information with a grain of salt, since no official source has come to deny or confirm them. Response no later than December 08, on the occasion of the release of Halo Infinite on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One and on Xbox Game Pass.

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