Hamas strikes against Israel, in reaction to its deal with Gulf countries

After the «Shalom» and the «Greetings» at the White House between Israel and Gulf countries, the Hebrew state woke up on Wednesday September 16 under a « barrage » rockets from the Gaza Strip, also the scene of Israeli retaliatory strikes.

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The first rockets were fired Tuesday evening towards Israel on the occasion of the signing, in Washington, of agreements to normalize relations between the Hebrew state and two Arab countries, followed Wednesday morning by new fire and Israeli retaliatory strikes , according to these sources.


Before dawn, sirens sounded in several Israeli towns bordering the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave of two million inhabitants under Hamas control and under Israeli blockade, according to the Israeli army. The Israeli army has reported a « barrage » 13 rockets Wednesday morning, adding to two Tuesday evening, for a total of 15 strikes of which nine were intercepted.

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“I am not surprised that Palestinian terrorists shot at Israel just during this historic ceremony. They want to prevent peace, but they will not succeed ”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday morning as he boarded his flight home from Washington.

“We will strike all those who try to harm us, and we will extend a hand of peace to all those who reach out to us to make peace”, added Benjamin Netanyahu.

Helicopters and combat aircraft

In the Gaza Strip, security sources and witnesses have reported Israeli airstrikes on the enclave. Of “Combat rolls” and “Helicopters”, targeted Hamas posts in a series of strikes, the IDF said, saying it struck “A factory for the manufacture of weapons and explosives”, “A complex used to launch rockets were targeted” and an “Underground infrastructure” of Hamas.

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In the process, Hamas warned Israel against further military escalation. “The occupation force will pay the price for any aggression against our people or sites of resistance”the armed wing of Hamas said in a statement promising “To increase your response as you go” that the Hebrew state “Will persist in his aggression”.

On Tuesday evening, one of the two rockets hit the city of Ashdod, located between Gaza and the metropolis of Tel Aviv, according to local rescue services which reported at least two minor injuries. The shots coincided with the signing ceremony at the White House of the agreements to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

“There will be no peace”

In Washington, US President Donald Trump spoke of “A new Middle East” and Benjamin Netanyahu believed that the agreements could “Put an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict”.

“There will be no peace, security or stability for anyone in the region without the end of the occupation and respect for the full rights of the Palestinian people”, said the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, in power in the occupied West Bank, territory separated from Gaza, earlier.


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