Hana Hanifah Buying Rp. 2 Billion Car, Nikita Mirzani: Could it be …

Hana Hanifah | Instagram photo / hanahanifah

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Artist Nikita Mirzani admitted he was surprised to find out Hana Hanifah can buy a supercar for IDR 2 billion.

Actor Nenek Gayung admits that he accidentally found out that Hana had just paid a down payment for a Porshce.

According to this mother of three, she learned about this when she visited a luxury car showroom in Jakarta.

At that time he was amazed by the Porshce car extended in the showroom. He then wondered about the car.

Dipo Latief’s ex-wife became even more curious because the car was already intending to buy it.

“The receptionist said like this, ‘that’s the one who was caught yesterday,” said Nikita Mirzani, quoted from the Crazy Nikmir Real YouTube show, Sunday (17/1).

The woman who was born on March 17, 1986 was suspicious of where Hana Hanifah had that much money.

“Then, ‘How much money? Could it be from gadun? I said that,” said Nikita Mirzani.


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