Handball: Finnish Nico Rönnberg leaves Ivry due to health crisis

Nico Rönnberg will no longer wear the colors of Ivry (Starligue). Faced with the health situation in France, the 28-year-old Finnish international left-back, who arrived in July from Riihimäki (D1), asked his leaders to be able to join his wife, who was pregnant and remained in his country. The club acceded to his request, and the player returned home on Wednesday.

“The period we have been living for seven months is leaving traces,” explains Pascal Léandri, General Manager of Ivry. The anxiety-provoking situation we all go through may not be experienced in the way by everyone. We therefore reminded each of our players to be vigilant, and that they can see us if they have any doubts. Nico came last Saturday to talk to us about what his family is going through. We opened the discussion then made the choice to privilege the human being to the detriment of the sporting aspect. “

A much better health situation in Finland

The player’s wife was expected to come to France, where she should have given birth next March. “Nico and his wife are very stressed by the Covid at home, continues Pascal Léandri. Not speaking our language, Nico does not perceive daily information in the same way as we do. Here, his wife would have had to remain confined to a country she does not know. It’s better that they both are at home. The current situation in France, even if it seems to be improving, is well above Finland (20,500 cases for less than 400 deaths).

Twenty days ago, Eun-Hee Ryu, the Korean international who played in Paris 92 (Butagaz League), had also returned to his country for fear of the virus.

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