Handball. France – Iceland: the Blues in difficulty, the match live

FRANCE – ICELAND. The French team faces Iceland this Friday for the second match of the 2021 World Handball Main Round. The Blues intend to continue their flawlessly to qualify for the quarter-finals. Follow the match live and in full.


19:12 – Door not sanctioned after wrestling

Oulà Valentin Pay attention! On an Icelandic offensive phase, Porte circles his opponent, recovers the ball and in the movement that follows throws it to the ground … like a wrestling catch. The French does not even take 2 minutes! Lunar. The arbitration succeeds for the French tonight …

19:08 – Stop of Genty and golazo of Dika Mem !!

Come on! Here !! On a save by Yann Genty – returned in place of Vincent Gérard – on a face-to-face, Dika Mem jumps above the sun and the Icelandic defense to score and equalize! 22-22! It feels good !!

19:01 – France in difficulty

On aggressiveness, France is pale against its Icelanders … And behind, it sends warhead on warhead. Vincent Gérard is helpless.

18:59 – +2 for Iceland

There was surely a fault on Karabatic but the arbitration did not signal anything. Iceland take the opportunity to score on a new counter. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we will still suffer to the end.

18:56 – Gérard save on penalty!

Here is Vincent! On an Icelandic 7-meter jet, Vincent Gérard performs the parade! Superb! 18-18

18:55 – New French error

Rhoooo …. ANOTHER FAULT IN CONCENTRATION! The Icelanders return to 17-17 after scratching the ball on a French possession …

18:52 – Valentin Branding

Yes it is not his favorite position but he is strong on the wing! New goal from Valentin Focuses on a very nice offset from Dika Mem. 17-15!

18:51 – Here we go again!

The Icelanders have just kicked off this second half! They therefore resume with one less man on the ground. The end of 2 minutes in 1 minute 40!

18:46 – Les Bleus at 16 of 27 shooting

The Blues could have widened the gap a little more but they revived Iceland at a crucial moment. On a ball of +4, the Icelanders came back to 1 goal. France is not successful in its phases of play, marked by errors of concentration. Offensively, it’s not that bad. With a 16/27 over this first period, Guillaume Gille’s men are in the lead with 2 goals ahead.

18:37 – Richardson’s goal and +2 for the Blues at the break

Go! End of the first period rather well managed. The Blues manage time to get the last possession of the first period. After a big foul by Sigmundsson which took 2 minutes, Richardson scored strongly! 16-14!

18:32 – Iceland scores twice in 10 seconds

Attention the Blues! The French had a +4 ball while the Icelanders had not scored for 7 minutes. But the Blues did anything in attack. After a loss of ball, the Icelanders scored a first must. The French play behind and get the ball stolen in the second. The cons is clinical. 2 goals in 10 seconds. It’s not smart …

18:26 – Guigou misses his 7 meters

Viktor Hallgrímsson takes the penalty from Michael Guigou! Beautiful parade of the right leg of the very young Icelandic goalkeeper (19 years old).

6:24 pm – Vincent Gérard’s second stop in a row!

They are not (yet) numerous but here are two very nice consecutive saves from Vincent Gérard! Two wing shots which are repelled by the tricolor porter!

18:19 – Iceland at the rendezvous

There was no doubt. The Icelanders are present tonight and are very skilful against Vincent Gérard, not very successful for the moment. The Blues are very diligent. There are less than 13 minutes of play. First significant gap all the same on a marvelous goal from Kentin Mahé. 12-9

18:15 – 2 minutes for Karabatic

After a 2 minutes stupidly taken by Karabatic after trying to recover the ball on an attempt to block, the Icelandic left winger equalizes for Iceland! 7-7! Very interesting match! Little downtime. Not bad !



France – Iceland: useful information

The kickoff of this match between France and Iceland will be given at 6 p.m. (French time), this Thursday, January 14, 2021, from the Hassan Dr Mustapha Sports Hall in the City of October 6, near Giza, in Egypt, where the World Handball Championship is being played.

Bad news for handball fans and supporters of the France team: no free-to-air broadcast is planned on French TV for this new Blues match at the World Handball Championship. To watch the match live, go to the channel beIN Sports 1 (the TV program).

If you prefer to watch France – Iceland streaming, you will have to go to the website beIN Connect. Access to the video stream is also reserved for subscribers. We also offer you to experience this handball match live with commentary, with the evolution of the score and the summary of live highlights (see above).

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