Handball Hall near Stuttgart against Kiel evacuated after alarm

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Spieler and coach of the Handball Bundesliga club TVB Stuttgart have after the long interruption of the cup match against THW Kiel (34:35) violated strong criticism of the city. "This has happened for the second time in our hall. This has already happened at other events as well. Regrettably, there was no city official at this important match here, "complained TVB coach Jürgen Schweikardt. "That's one thing that should never happen again and is enormously embarrassing for us as a club."

The match had been interrupted on Tuesday night at the start of the second half as a result of a fire alarm and the resulting evacuation of the hall for just under 45 minutes. "It's a disaster when something like that happens and you have to stand in the cold," Stuttgart's outdoor player Patrick Zieker scolded. A similar incident as against Kiel had already occurred in the Scharrena on 10 October in the Bundesliga match of the Stuttgart against TBV Lemgo lip. At that time the ventilation system had failed at a kiosk, the city explained now.

The city also rejected the allegations of the club on Wednesday. At each event, the required municipal staff was on site, and on Tuesday evening, two technicians had been in the hall, the commune said. The fire alarm had been triggered because the caterer commissioned by the association had improperly handled grease in a kiosk. The city wants to discuss again with the caterers the permissible use of the kiosks, said sports mayor Martin Schairer. In addition, she wanted to optimize the procedures for fire alarms together with the fire department.

After a remarkable cup evening in Stuttgart, players and coaches of German handball record champion THW Kiel quickly made their way home again. It was not just the dramatic 35:34 victory in the quarter-final thriller that made the game a bit off the mark on Tuesday – it was the circumstances that made the encounter so special. "It was a game with many ups and downs, whereupon the unusual break had an impact," said THW coach Filip Jicha after the happy success, by the defending champion from the north again reached the final4 in early April in Hamburg.

"The unusual break" – that was a fire alarm in the Stuttgart Scharrena at the state of 22:19 for the Kiel after 37 minutes. The 2,095 spectators had to be evacuated, the players kept warm in the press room. After the all-clear by the fire department it continued after 42 minutes forced break. The unforeseen interruption on Tuesday evening, the Kiel seemed to have initially put away better.

17 minutes before the end it was 27:20 for the THW. In the final phase it was exciting again – also because the favorite of Hatz with three games in six days had to pay tribute. "After the exhausting program of the last few weeks, it was a great show of strength for us," admitted Jicha. After returning to Kiel, the team could look forward to a little break. Only on Sunday it goes on in the Bundesliga against GWD Minden on.

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