Handball: PSG offers Porto in the Champions League

They were up against the wall before the meeting. Then at the bottom of the hole for half an hour. PSG players finally got out of the trap in Porto (34-31), thanks to a second magical period which should serve as a reference for the future. This 2 nd victory in five games allows them to move to 5 th place in Pool A with 4 points, five lengths behind 2 nd place in Flensburg, held in check (29-29) at home by Meshkov Brest.

What you must remember

To give yourself the best chance of winning, there’s nothing like starting off strong to show who’s in charge. Led 2-0, the Parisians quickly recovered thanks to the leg of Mikkel Hansen. The rest is more muddled. In twenty minutes, Porto achieved the unprecedented performance of scoring ten times with… ten different goal scorers! The Portuguese offensive system continues to hamper PSG, who reached the break with four goals behind (16-12).

The reaction was vital. She arrived very quickly. In six minutes, the French champion gets back together with a dazzling 5-0 (18-18), before going ahead for the first time (20-21, 38th).

The rest is much better. Raul Gonzalez’s men string together goals by Dylan Nahi and Benoît Kounkoud, while Vincent Gérard stops everything in his goal.

The player: Luka Karabatic

The only one of the two Karabatic brothers to set foot on the Dragao floor this Wednesday has shown that he is back, and in top form. Returned to competition on October 31 after missing five days of the championship, the Parisian captain scored 6 goals for the Portuguese. Since the start of the season, he has failed only once (this Wednesday in Porto) out of 18 attempts. Terribly efficient.

The number: 37

That is the number of goals scored by Mikkel Hansen in five Champions League matches. The Danish PSG struck 9 times against Alfredo Quintana, the Porto goalkeeper, and delivered 9 assists. Impressive.

PORTO – PSG: 31-34 (16-12).

PSG: Gérard (1 goal), Hansen (9), Remili (2), Grébille (2), Toft Hansen (2), L. Karabatic (6), Solé (1), Kounkoud (4), Prandi (2), Nahi (4), Kristopans (1). Entr. : Gonzalez.

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