“Hangzhou Asian Games E-sports: Secrets of the National Training Team Revealed”

2023-05-14 16:00:00

Original title: Home game hopes to get gold medal

The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 23 to October 8. E-sports has attracted much attention because it was approved to be included in the Asian Games competition for the first time. Last week, Tencent Esports announced the list of national training teams for the Hangzhou Asian Games Honor of Kings (Asian Games version) project.

Many netizens are particularly concerned about how this list was selected, what the daily routine of the e-sports players of the Asian Games training team is, and whether it is the same as the league training. With these questions in mind, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Li Tuo, the proposed head coach of the national training team for the Hangzhou Asian Games e-sports (Glory of Kings Asian Games version project), and Huang Cheng, deputy general manager of Tencent Tianmei E-sports, to reveal the secrets of Hangzhou Asian Games e-sports The life of the training team.

Online and offline closed training

For Li To, many friends who are not familiar with e-sports may not know him, but he is a veteran in the e-sports circle: he was a professional e-sports player, and then joined a professional league e-sports team as the head coach.

Many coaches may have such a resume, but why can he serve as the head coach of the Hangzhou Asian Games National Training Team? It is because the head coach of the AOV Chinese team in the performance event of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games is Li Tuo, who led the national team to win the championship that year.

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Joining the national training team again, Li Tuo summed up his mood in eight words: “It is very honorable and very proud”. Talking about the changes compared to 2018, Li Tuo said bluntly: “The new change is that there were fewer players in 2018. With the rapid development of the e-sports industry, there are 22 candidates for the Asian Games training team this time, and all of them Has a certain strength.”

For this national training team, what the outside world is most curious about is how they were selected from so many e-sports players. Li Tuo said frankly: “We have conducted online training camps for the players before, and we will start offline closed training camps soon. As for the selection criteria are multi-dimensional, they will not be directly determined by the results of the competition.”

The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 23 to October 8. E-sports has attracted much attention because it was approved to be included in the Asian Games for the first time. Whether the e-sports national team can win medals has naturally become the focus of attention from the outside world. Li Tuo’s expectation for the players, “is to win the gold medal.” For the Asian Games, Li Tuo and his coaching staff resigned from all jobs to concentrate on serving the national training team.

Take advantage of the home court to do a good job in logistics support

As one of the seven e-sports events in the Hangzhou Asian Games, Tencent Tianmei E-sports, the copyright owner of the King of Glory (Asian Games version), also undertook the training for the Asian Games. Huang Cheng, deputy general manager of Tencent Tianmei E-sports, said, “The State Sports General Administration mainly authorizes us to do the early recommendation of players and coaches, as well as support in logistics and training bases. We will actively complete it.”

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It is not too much to describe the training base of the national training team as “meticulous, scientific and reasonable”-the training base of 5,000 square meters and 20 training rooms can meet the training life of players in four events at the same time. From hardware to software, Tencent E-sports has given full support – including the daily training schedule of the players, as well as the network for on-site training, training equipment, etc. “We hope to provide all teams, players and coaches with A stable training and competition environment will help China’s e-sports maintain a leading and favorable position in terms of overall strength.”

Train more than 13 hours a day

The training camp is about to start, and a work schedule of the training team has sparked heated discussions on the Internet: wake up at 8:30, breakfast, go to bed at midnight, and over 13 hours of training every day——Netizens lamented that professional e-sports players are very hard , It’s not as simple as playing games, while praising that the schedule is very regular and healthy.

How was this schedule formulated? Huang Cheng said: “The current set of work and rest plans for training players has actually been used since 2018, and it has indeed received relatively good results.” Huang Cheng revealed that such a schedule has already been used nationwide promote.

Compared with the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Huang admitted that the Hangzhou Asian Games is more convenient than competing abroad. After all, we don’t need to go abroad to adapt to the game environment; playing at home should be better than then in terms of training and overall game preparation. At the same time, Huang Cheng also hopes to use the glory of the king to become an official event of the Asian Games, so as to better regulate the competition training and player selection work from the ecological level of the alliance. “Maybe KPL will put the training of young players in a more important position in the next two to three years.”

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