Hani Abu Reeda: I will run in the upcoming mountain elections with new faces

Hani Abu Raida, a member of the executive office of the International and African Football Confederation, decided his position on running for the presidency of the Jabaliya in the upcoming elections, scheduled for next August. He said in statements to the program “The following fans” on On Time Sports 2: Next elections. “

He added that he plans to present new faces in his electoral list, considering that choosing new names is a basic requirement. “Abu Raida believes that reducing the number of the General Assembly to the Football Association was a technical part of the five-party committee responsible for running mountain affairs, pointing out that his candidacy for the Football Association elections does not contradict His candidacy for the African Union elections, stressing that the mountainous movement facilitates his position greatly in the CAF elections. Hany Abu Rida confirmed that the Confederation of African Football “enough” has set up a committee to study the position of the upcoming African Nations Cup in Cameroon.

In the same context, Hani Aburaida revealed that the general assembly call for the mountain during the coming month of August, but the matter has not been resolved yet, due to the lack of gatherings for the spread of the new Qyrona virus. .

Hani Aburaida explained that this year elections will be held Egyptian Football Association And that the decision not to complete the sports activity or not will not affect the number of members of the General Assembly and that the 8-year period will not be applied retroactively and it is difficult to conduct an electoral session for one year only because the law and regulations are clear for 4 years.

Hani Aburaida pointed out that the decision to return sports activity is in the hands of officials in the state because this requires some conditions by doctors and follow the general atmosphere first, Hany Aburaida commented on the news of a candidacy for the presidency of the African Union, saying: “I am not happy, but I am not happy.”


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