Hani Shaker: They call me “Hano” at home… and I won’t make a statement for Moza and Enaba

Artist Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, said that the Syndicate opens its doors to everyone who wants to test their artistic abilities, explaining that he is working hard to legalize what is known as “festival songs.” He continued: “I am against festivals and there is no such thing as festival songs, but we legalize this color.” And beautify it as much as possible instead of leaving it.. and whoever succeeds will not be called grapes and bananas.. I will call me and say to me, “Hano,” but this is at home.”

And “Shaker” added, during a phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program, presented by the media, Amr Adib, via the “mbc Egypt” channel, that whoever applies for festival singers to the union and is approved by the examination committee will receive a permit for a popular performer, and he continued: “Hamo Becca was tested and fell.. Now he is preparing himself to take the exam again, and I have no objection to this.. Anba and Banana have their exams close, and if they succeed, they do not have a permit for these names, and he continued: “I will not issue a permit for grapes and bananas. With regard to words, there is censorship, and he continued: “As for music, no one can prevent it… and whoever succeeds in them obtains a performing license, not a singer.”


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