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Hanoi: Warning of fire and explosion risks from burn votive Tet day. (Photo: broadcast by VNA)

During Tet, people in the capital often stock up on goods; have the habit and custom of burning incense, performing spiritual rites, burning votive paper, causing a very high risk of fire and explosion. Therefore, each person needs to raise their awareness of fire prevention and vigilance so that the Spring Festival will come back in peace and safety.

Carelessness in activities causes fire and explosion

In recent days, in the capital, there have been two fires of houses in the old quarters and old quarters. At about 3pm on January 20, people in the area discovered flames and black smoke emanating from a 4-storey house at 41 Duong Thanh (front of Yen Thai townhouse), Cua Dong ward, Hoan Kiem district. (Hanoi).

Upon receiving the news, Hoan Kiem District Police dispatched the Fire Prevention and Rescue and Rescue Police Team with 2 fire engines and 1 tank truck to the scene to put out the fire.

The fire was controlled in time and did not spread to the adjacent house as well as the floors below. The fire area has an area of ​​​​about 9 m2 in the tum floor of the house.

Before that, at about 2 o’clock on January 18, there was a fire at population house 103 across the street, 1 collective Nguyen Cong Tru, Pho Hue ward, Hai Ba Trung district (Hanoi).

The scene of the fire was a house about 30 square meters. Due to its location on the crossroads, Hai Ba Trung District Police’s fire engines are quite difficult to access.

Along with extinguishing the fire, the police force called the loudspeaker and instructed people in the house to land safely.

The two fires did not cause any loss of life. However, it also makes authorities worry about the risk of fire and explosion in residential areas, especially during Tet.

Currently, in Hanoi, most people live in “tube” houses in the old quarter, old town or in apartments, so the risk of fire and explosion is very high. Recorded on the morning of December 30, at many residential houses Hanoi still burn a lot of votive paper after the year-end offerings.

According to analysis by the Hanoi City Police, apartment buildings are often installed transformer stations, generators, water supply and drainage systems, central gas systems, etc. Therefore, only one of the technical systems is needed. having problems or using improper procedures can also cause fire safety.

As for the housing areas in the four core districts, all of them are basically small and contain a lot of flammable items, potentially posing a lot of risks. The main cause of fires in the past time in households is due to carelessness due to the use of gas and electricity, which leads to the generation of fire and heat sources.

Although there are still many potential fire hazards, in fact, through the inspection by the Hanoi City Police, it was discovered that production and business establishments, households, and people are still careless and lacking in fire safety. The use of electricity such as unsafe electrical systems, improper connections, electrical equipment that generates heat near flammable and explosive objects, overloaded electrical conductors, peeling of insulation … potential risk of electric shock, short circuit leading to fire and explosion.

Taking fire prevention as a basic long-term strategy

Dong Da District (Hanoi) is the locality with the largest population density in the city, living in many apartments and small neighborhoods. Therefore, in order to prevent fire and explosion in the area during Tet, Dong Da district has paid special attention to propaganda work, with the motto of taking room as the main thing; minimize loss of life and property in fires in the area.

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Mr. Ha Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Da District, said that the district directed the wards to thoroughly grasp the Prime Minister’s direction on strengthening fire prevention and fighting in the new situation. must take prevention as the main, prevention as “build,” cure as “fight,” take prevention as “basic-strategy-long-term,” do well in fire prevention to reduce fire fighting with the motto of each house. safe-every factory, factory, enterprise safe-every neighborhood safe.

When a fire occurs, wards need to mobilize maximum local forces to participate in fire fighting, especially in the “golden moment” 5 minutes after the fire occurs.

Ha Noi: The soup is full of health and happiness on Tet holiday 2 Fire at a votive paper shop in Quang market area, Hanoi. (Photo: broadcast by VNA)

According to Mr. Ha Anh Tuan, the district also develops and implements plans to inspect fire prevention and fighting work according to specialties and topics. In particular, during the Lunar New Year, key establishments, crowded places, bars, dance halls, high-rise buildings, markets, supermarkets, commercial centers, production facilities, and goods warehouses will be concentrated. has a large area; communal houses, pagodas, places where festival activities take place…

Timely detect and guide establishments to overcome shortcomings and shortcomings in fire prevention and fighting, and resolutely handle cases of violations of regulations on fire prevention and fighting.

According to Nguyen Viet Dat, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Son Tay town (Hanoi), in order to prevent fire and explosion on the occasion of the 2023 Lunar New Year, the town has directed the police to advise people to raise their spirits. the spirit of vigilance, strictly manage the source of fire and heat, especially when cooking, burning incense, worshiping, lighting candles, burning votive papers, etc. There must be someone to look after when using heating equipment, repair, construction, welding, cutting, etc., causing fire and heat sources.

For households, when arranging places to burn incense and worship, they must ensure fire safety such as arranging utensils, goods and flammable materials in a neat and tidy manner, away from the source of fire. , heat sources such as electrical cabinets, electrical outlets…

Each business household and family need to actively prepare other escape plans besides the main door such as balcony, terrace, roof, next door…

Regarding solutions to promote the synergy of the entire political system, all levels, branches, forces and people participating in fire prevention and fighting in the new situation, the City People’s Committee said that districts, towns and districts have been assigned to strengthen the dissemination of knowledge and provide training in fire prevention and fighting safety skills to people.

Striving in 2023, each household has at least 1 person trained in fire fighting and rescue skills; 100% of people in charge of fire prevention and fighting at establishments under their management receive professional training in accordance with law.

According to Mr. Le Hong Son, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, based on the instructions of the superiors, in the event of a fire or explosion, the city will handle the responsibility of the head of the Party Committee and the government. local authority if so that establishments have fire hazardhigh-explosion operations when safety conditions for fire prevention and fighting have not yet been ensured, and fires that cause serious consequences occur due to lack of leadership, direction, inspection, inspection, supervision or improper implementation. take full responsibility within the scope of their management for the work of fire prevention and fighting and rescue.

In addition to tightening discipline in the prevention and control of ExplosionHanoi city will publicize individuals and organizations that violate regulations on fire prevention and fighting on the mass media, regularly warn surrounding communities and strictly handle them according to regulations of the Government. According to the law, individuals and organizations intentionally put projects, works and facilities into use but fail to ensure the safety conditions for fire prevention and fighting and rescue, causing serious consequences./ .

Manh Khanh (VNA/Vietnam+)

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