Hans Dorrestijn is Hans Teeuwen ‘is so good that I’m not even jealous of the word,” NOW

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The Hans Dorrestijn went after it with a day to go up and with Hans Teeuwen in the conclusion to his colleague that is a genius, and he did not. Teeuwen has, according to Dorrestijn, as well, that he’s not jealous, he tells of the comedian, and writer The NRC.

“in the Afternoon, he was suddenly just very, very quiet,” recalls Dorrestijn is the day, together with Teeuwen. “His technician said, “Oh, he seems to have a number in mind”. That was the case. And, to my astonishment, he did that song with that night.”

“While I have a number, first to forty times, should be on tapping, a little over thirty-times-out-loud must-read, and then twenty times to try it out. And he’s doing it at the same time. For me the conclusion is simple: he is a genius, and I don’t know. That is, it is so good that I’m not even jealous of the word. Well, I can only but admire to look at it.”

Dorrestijn, 2015, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, was also honored with an art show and a film, puts it in his own words from many of his colleagues, who, according to him, “just a lot of better performers, better performers of their material. “And that’s nearly all of them,” added the 79-year-old comedian and the writer of that observation date.

Also expressed admiration for Harry Bannink

Dorrestijn has also expressed admiration for the composer Harry Bannink (1929-1999). “As long as I have a bit of a Bannink me, then they had to bow to me” and compares it with the comedian and composer, with the composer, who, like him, the songs written for Sesame street.

On Friday, it was announced that in the fall of 2023, a survey of the career of Bannink. The family of the composer, is working on the project of the bureau of The Citation for more than three thousand of his works in the future.



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