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[Intermediate adjustment]A good-blooded horse who is a full sister of Stelvio, she escaped without danger in her debut match in Tokyo in June and lived up to expectations. The previous race, which was the first match in four months, was conscious of the Hanshin JF, and participated in the Momiji S with an expedition to Hanshin. He was a number that was easy to handle with 7 horses, but only one horse from the back pulled out a different leg and won a clear victory. After that, he will proceed to Hanshin JF as planned. He returned to Miho on November 17 after being encouraged to take a rest and grow physically and mentally. On the 20th, he loosened up his body on slope 15-15, and after that, he made the same adjustments as before, using both slopes and woods. A semi-open horse was included in the wood match horse a week ago. It was a run without blurring in the middle of the riding ground, and it was a movement that I couldn’t tell who was older.

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[Final chase]In the final chase at Wood, the first pair of jockeys, Takeshi Yokoyama, cuts between the two horses and joins them together. Although it was unclear on the way due to the thick fog, the last one was sharply emerging from the middle of the left and right two horses with an easy response. Enough spirit.

[Opinion]In the follow-up two weeks ago, Satsuki’s prize horse Geoglyph, who had resumed training for Hong Kong C, was clinging to him, and although he has leg strength, he seems to have a considerable level of mental strength that is not timid. Due to the thick fog, the final chase was only confirmed in front of the goal, but the two older horses showed an emotionally overwhelmed atmosphere. He should be in very good physical condition to be able to do this much in the week ahead of transportation. It can be said that it is in perfect condition.

Comprehensive evaluation “S”

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