Harassment at RTS – RTS: the procedure dedicated to complainants questioned

Geneva lawyer Christophe Germann wrote to the Federal Council to denounce the mandate given to an organization paid by RTS.

The process chosen by RTS raises concerns.


While employees of the RTS decided last week to write to Bern to demand that an external investigator be mandated by the Federal Council to collect complaints and testimonies, it is the turn of the Genevan lawyer Christophe Germann to also take up the question. He wrote to the Swiss government on Monday to express his concern.

“The office appointed by the RTS is bound by professional secrecy according to the federal law on lawyers. As a principal, the RTS could try to hide the responsibilities of those concerned to the detriment of the victims and the public interest by shielding itself behind this secrecy, he deplores. In addition, there is a clear conflict of interest and a violation of the obligation of independence of lawyers imposed by this legislation. ” He regrets that the agents are paid by the RTS to deal with complaints from victims of the same company.

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