Hard criticism of Pedro Perico Delgado to Nairo Quintana

The renowned Spanish ex-cyclist, champion of Tour of Francia 1988 and the Vuelta a España in 1985 and 1989, he spoke about the present of Nairo Quintana in the most important race in the world and delivered strong and thoughtful words at the same time.

“Nairo has that profile, he arrives like never before and fails like always. This year we had a renewed version of Nairo, motivated, but he has fallen into the same, due to more injuries, with problems with falls or not, but it is true that this has reduced his potential ”, said Pedro ‘Perico’ Delgado in dialogue with the Spanish radio program ‘El transistor’, from Onda Cero station.

When the journalist who interviewed him made reference to all the time that the Colombian has lost, who is in position 15 of the general classification more than 30 minutes from the leaderDelgado lowered the level of criticism for him a bit and put the injuries he has now due to the fall last Friday.

“Nairo, when he loses the overall option, he tends to lose time so as not to be a very guarded man (to win stages) and there he moves well and that is where he won. In this terrain, Nairo moves like a fish in water. The injury must be serious because it has not been competitive”, Concluded the Spanish ex-cyclist.

The leader of the Arkea team stated that the one on stage 17 of the Tour could easily be worst day of his life on the bike since the blisters he has on his body cause him a lot of pain, but he assured that out of his heart and pride he will do everything possible to get to Paris and finish the race.


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