Harmful effect of the virus – Society suffering from a new disease, “Covid rage”


With the pandemic, there is always more aggression in the air. Transport and healthcare professionals particularly bear the brunt of this annoyance.

The pandemic is making many people more aggressive than they were in the past (image in Illustration).

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In English, it is called “Covid rage”. Previously peaceful people have become much more aggressive with the pandemic, writes the “Sunday newspaper“. Repeated closures and restrictions, fear of the virus and its variants, social isolation, teleworking, political quarrels, the causes are multiple.

It is the caregivers, and all the people on the “front line”, who suffer from it particularly. The aggressiveness, already present before, gives the impression of being on the rise towards the health personnel, indicated to the German-speaking newspaper Roswitha Koch of the Swiss Association of Nurses (ASI).

Transport workers also affected

Other economic sectors are concerned, particularly public transport. Some airlines reportedly reported more than 1,000 incidents in a week. At Swiss, for example, “” discussions “with passengers leading to an announcement to the authorities or the presence of the police on the plane are becoming more frequent”. One explanation: travelers would arrive quite upset and stressed by the administrative procedures and different rules between countries. Same story with CFF, which note a “potential for increased conflict”.

However, the German-speaking Swiss newspaper is optimistic. He calls for releasing the pressure through politeness, that is to say, thinking above all about the community and not about one’s own interests. And he concludes: “The Covid is currently costing us a lot. Lots of lives, lots of money and lots of nerves. Kindness would be free. ”


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