Harvest Festival Celebrations in Fuyuan: Promoting High-Quality Development and Gratitude

2023-09-16 02:33:52

Keep in mind the instructions to be grateful, forge ahead and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development ▏ Our province’s Harvest Festival celebrations will be held in Fuyuan

September 16, 2023 10:33:52

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Wu Yuxi

News from this newspaper on the 15th (Reporter Wu Yuxi) On the 15th, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on “Related Situations in Heilongjiang Province’s Celebration of the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival in 2023”. Li Wende, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced the province’s celebration of the 2023 Harvest Festival. The overall situation of the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival activities. Nie Ying, deputy mayor of the Jiamusi Municipal People’s Government, answered reporters’ questions on the advantages, characteristics and development trends of Jiamusi City’s “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” work. Fan Jitao, deputy secretary of the Fuyuan Municipal Party Committee and mayor, introduced the relevant situation .

Li Wende introduced that September 23 is the sixth Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, and the main venue for our province’s Harvest Festival celebrations is in Fuyuan City, Jiamusi. This year’s Harvest Festival celebrations will adhere to the principle that farmers’ festivals are for farmers and farmers’ festivals are held by farmers. With the theme of “Celebrating Harvest to Promote Harmony and Beauty”, we will organize colorful mass harvest celebration activities, sing the main theme of loving the Party and being grateful, show the achievements of the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and display Agricultural and rural modernization has a bright future, promote China’s excellent farming culture, create a strong atmosphere in which the whole society pays attention to agriculture, care for rural areas, and care for farmers, stimulate the enthusiasm of farmers to create a better life, and make every effort to ensure a stable and safe supply of food and important agricultural products.

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This year’s Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, our province mainly carries out celebration activities at four levels. The first is to organize the main event well. The main event of our province’s Harvest Celebration Festival is arranged in Fuyuan City, Jiamusi. It represents the province’s achievements in rural revitalization, agricultural harvest, and four agricultural constructions, and carries out activities to celebrate the harvest, display the harvest, enjoy the harvest, and taste the harvest. The six main activities, including Harvest, Harvest Joy, and Harvest Assistance, strive to create a farmers’ festival that is “creative, connotative, distinctive, and popular.” The second is to promote key activities. 18 members of the Farmers’ Harvest Festival Steering Committee, including the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Culture and Tourism, combined with their own functions, arranged a series of 26 events at the provincial level with the theme of “Celebrating Harvest and Promoting Harmony and Beauty”. activities to create a good atmosphere for the whole society and multiple fields to celebrate the harvest. The third is to organize special activities. 13 cities (prefectures) will focus on advantageous industries and regional characteristics to hold a series of production and marketing docking, live broadcast, folk performances, agricultural services and other activities that embody local flavor and regional elements. The fourth is to carry out publicity activities, with the help of various media platforms at all levels, to carry out a series of publicity on agricultural and rural development achievements and harvest festival celebrations, to show big agriculture, big granary, and big harvest from a full perspective and in multiple fields.

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This year’s theme highlights the beauty of promoting peace, and on the basis of celebrating the agricultural harvest, it fully demonstrates the achievements of rural development and promoting farmers’ sustained income increase. Compared with previous years, this year’s Harvest Festival celebrations are richer in content and more novel in form, focusing on four aspects: harmonious connotation, harvest heritage, benefiting farmers and active consumption.

In terms of highlighting the connotation of harmony and beauty, relevant departments in various places have closely focused on the theme of harmony and beauty, summarized and promoted the experience of Zhejiang’s “Ten Thousands of Projects”, organized a series of cultural activities of “Harmony and Beauty in the Countryside”, organized agriculture-related intangible cultural heritage and traditional folk skills competitions, and organized the “Imprint of the Countryside” A series of activities such as “Creative Design Competition”, “Civilized Village and Town Creation Tour” and “Rural Revitalization Together” show the new style of rural construction, establish a new trend of rural civilization, and gradually build a livable, industrial and beautiful countryside.

In terms of highlighting the harvest heritage, although some areas of our province’s agriculture suffered from floods this year, it had little impact on the entire province. Overall, it showed a bumper harvest. This is the most beautiful background and the greatest confidence for our province to successfully host the Farmers’ Harvest Festival. Based on actual conditions, various localities organized a series of activities such as sickle-opening ceremonies, harvest competitions, harvest celebration performances, and “Women Prosper Grain Festival to Celebrate Harvest” to tell harvest stories from multiple perspectives and demonstrate the achievements of being a “ballast stone” for food security. .

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In terms of highlighting the benefits and assistance to farmers, the Harvest Festival activities should not only be held in the fields and villages, but also in the hearts of farmers, so that farmers can gain harvest and benefit. We have launched a number of measures to strengthen agricultural production, benefit farmers’ consumption, and serve farmers, and carry out the “Serving People’s Health Action” large-scale free clinics, legal popularization, visits and condolences, brand culture empowerment and other activities, and integrate agricultural needs, farmers’ concerns, and rural concerns with policies , information, technology and other advanced elements are delivered to the fields, making the farmers richer materially and spiritually.

In terms of highlighting active consumption, the Harvest Festival is an important platform to display harvest results, promote brand products, activate urban and rural markets, and promote residents’ consumption. This year’s Harvest Festival will continue to organize golden autumn consumption season activities, guiding e-commerce platforms, supermarkets, logistics companies, industry associations and other entities to participate extensively and carry out multi-level and diversified consumption promotion activities. Comprehensively launch large-scale production and marketing docking activities such as “Black Soil Premium Products” in Jiangnan, so that high-quality agricultural products can go out of Longjiang and be sold nationwide.

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