Hary Prinz and Anna Unterberger ask themselves the question of “Styrian guilt”

2023-09-18 13:24:25

Tenth ORF rural crime thriller from Styria with Benno Fürmann, among others, on September 19th on ORF 1

Vienna (OTS) Mysterious case in the monastery: After a student was found lifeless in the library of the medieval Augustinian Canons’ Monastery in Vorau in northern Styria, Hary Prinz and Anna Unterberger will be on ORF 1 on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 8:15 p.m. to answer the question of ” Styrian guilt” on the trail. In the tenth Styria film in the ORF country crime series, the duo’s investigative instincts are called upon when they have to investigate the circumstances of the death of a young woman who examined medieval books of hours in the monastery library for her master’s thesis. Did she make a dangerous discovery that was her downfall? One possible clue is a valuable leaf from a tome stuck on the victim’s blood-stained clothing. And what does the young woman’s biological father have to do with the events, who – as it turns out – is among the monks? In addition to the team of investigators, other roles in front of the camera in autumn 2022 included Benno Fürmann as art collector Rüdiger Vogt, Dietrich Hollinder Bäumer as Abbot Eligius, Harald Schrott as Prior Gregor, Christoph Kohlbacher as head of the Spusi, Klaus Huhle, Kerim Waller and Mariam Hage. For the tenth film in the popular series, Wolfgang Murnberger, who is again responsible for the script together with Maria Murnberger, took a seat in the director’s chair. “Steirerguilt” is based on characters from the “Styrian crime novels” by Claudia Rossbacher.

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While the “Styrian guilt” is still being clarified on air, Hary Prinz and Anna Unterberger are keeping the “Steirerlist” busy while filming their next case, when the investigation into the death of a young woman who was knocked out Drips drugged and raped lead the Graz duo to Leoben. “Steirerlist” is expected to be shown on ORF 1 in 2024.

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At the foot of a staircase in the magnificent monastery library, novice Clemens (Kerim Waller) finds the body of a young woman. As part of her master’s thesis, art history student Lara Babic (Mariam Hage) searched for hidden symbols in the abbey’s medieval illuminations. Foreign particles of skin under her nails suggest a fight and therefore murder. Chief Inspector Bergmann (Hary Prinz) and his partner Anni (Anna Unterberger) initially suspect Father Gregor (Harald Schrott), who was the last to see Lara and can only cite a senile fellow believer as an alibi. While the two investigators wait for the DNA samples to be evaluated, they discover a mysterious code in Lara’s notes that leads them to the trail of a missing book – and to other secrets of the monks.

“Steirer Schuld” is a co-production by Allegro Film with ARD Degeto for ARD and ORF with the support of Fernsehenfonds Austria and Cinestyria Filmcommission and Fonds.

The new country crime thriller “Steirer Schuld” can already be seen on Flimmit. All previous country crime novels can also be viewed on flimmit.at.

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