Hatred on the net after vaccination of students

DThat students do not necessarily have to be the last to receive corona vaccinations, the Theresianum high school in Mainz demonstrated on Tuesday – and received a shit storm for this in addition to approval. At the initiative of some doctors who are connected to the Catholic all-day school and who have already provided some teachers with vaccines, enough BioNTech doses were ordered in good time, says headmaster Stefan Caspari. After the prioritization ceased to exist, 150 schoolchildren and siblings who had to be 16 years or older could be vaccinated in the sports hall.

The high school, supported by the diocese of Mainz, would like to see the campaign as a pilot project to which representatives of other schools were invited as observers. According to Caspari, the vaccination campaign does not go back to some “helicopter parents” who only wanted to protect their children. Rather, the doctors, who did not use the contingent due to them in their own practices, had previously been on similar missions in mosques, for example. Nevertheless, there was criticism of the approach. In the social networks “the ugly grimace of envy” could be seen particularly clearly.

But the school’s commitment was also praised, according to the motto that every vaccinated person is a win for everyone. According to Caspari, parents and students who were able to volunteer were more than happy to finally have their turn. If a vaccine is soon released for younger people, they would like to repeat the offer. Changing classes are currently still being practiced at the Theresianum.


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