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Mexico City / 26.12.2020 10:45:28

Do you want to know the trick to talk to someone on WhatsApp without having to give you their phone number? If so, we will tell you how can you do it without being told the digits and writings. It’s easier than you think. Follow some steps without needing to download an app.

Are you afraid that you will miss the number? Are you in a hurry and need someone’s contact? We give you the steps to continue so that without having to type number by number record someone’s contact.

The first thing you should know is that you need have the latest WhatsApp update On your cellphone Android or iOS. Then you need to follow a series of steps without having to download an extra application to your mobile, that is, you can do it from the instant messaging app. So forget about any danger about theft of personal data.

  • You must first enter the menu WhatsApp settings on your iPhone. If you have Android just go to your profile. In your information – next to your name and photo – you will find a QR code.
  • Press the QR code to make it bigger.
  • In the lower part of the QR code you are advised that you can scan this symbol and add to a contacts without asking for their phone number.
  • When you scan the code, the other person’s phone number will appear on your screen automatically. You can start the conversation whenever you want as normal.

Now you know, so without problem you can get the phone number without having to pass your number to you or want to give it to you in the wrong way.

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