Have the coronavirus death figures been faked?

Covid-19: Are the mortality figures rigged? The answer in OMF Oh my fake – 20 Minutes – OMF

The numbers sound solid. Square, rational. Especially when they come from an official body. And there … Stupor. Posts on social networks claim that according to the very serious Insee, there is no excess mortality in France due to the coronavirus. Ha! If even INSEE says it, eh, it is true.

Except that it is faux. There you go. That these alleged figures do not come from INSEE. And that according to this organization, unfortunately, the epidemic has caused an increase in deaths. But why were these posts so relayed? This is what Clémence will explain to us in this latest issue ofOMF Oh my fake​

Be strong against fake news

OMF Oh My Fake sure Snapchat Discover is the program of 20 Minutes that makes you strong against fake news. Here, it is not a question of answering the question “Is it true or is it false?” »But to« Why did we believe it? », By analyzing the mechanisms that make fake news so attractive that even seasoned minds – like yours! – can succumb to it.

Coronavirus, health crisis, social movements, this period, OMF Oh My Fake is more than ever an antidote to rumors, as is our fact checking column “Fake Off”. And since season 2 of this program is particularly breathtaking and colorful, don’t hesitate to subscribe. You can do this directly by scanning this snapcode in the Snapchat app. And I promise, you won’t regret it. Go!

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