Have you updated? More than 60% of buildings in Spain have not adapted to the change of DTT

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More than 60 percent of the buildings affected in Spain by the change in frequencies of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) have not yet made the necessary changes in the installation in order to continue watching the state and regional channels.

The second digital dividend, which supposes the cessation of the emission of some frequencies in DTT, will end next June and only 36 percent of the buildings have adapted their antennas, the Deputy Director General of Spectrum Planning and Management has explained to Efe Radioelectric of the Ministry of Economy and Business, Antonio Fernández-Paniagua.

He explained in an event held in Malaga that, in the case of Andalusia, 1,793,197 homes must perform the relevant installation to address these changes, although he has not detailed how many have already done so. In the case of Andalusia, 150,070 buildings will be affected by this change in frequency, mainly the communities of medium and large-sized neighbors – with a programmable switchboard or single-channel amplifiers – which, before February 13, must contact an installation company .

Malaga is the province of the autonomous community with the largest number of buildings affected (29,253), followed by Seville (29,179) and Cádiz (25,742); In fact, in Malaga, only 13.5 percent of the community buildings have made the necessary adaptations to view the DTT channels. In addition to making these changes in the relevant buildings, all citizens should re-tune television this day to watch some channels on their new frequencies, Fernández-Paniagua said.

The deputy director general recalled that, after January 1, 2023, all television channels must broadcast in High Definition (HD), but until then citizens will continue to receive all channels during this process of frequency change. The buildings that require it and have not adapted their collective antenna installation will lose the reception of the TV channels that are broadcast on the multiple RGE1 (such as TVE and La 2), in the multiple MPE3 (including Telecinco and Cuatro) and in the multiple MPE5 (Be Mad or A3series, for example).

The Council of Ministers of June 21, 2019 approved a decree that regulates the direct granting of subsidies aimed at compensating the costs derived from the reception or access to services, which ranges between 156 euros for the change of 1 amplifier and 677 for the one with 6 amplifiers. .


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