Haven: The game is available now on the Epic Games Store, Switch and PS4

Available for two months now sur PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One et PC via Steam and GOG, Haven is finally taking off on other platforms. As a reminder, you embody Yu and Kay, a charming couple who fled to the mysterious planet Source in order to start a new life. Lovers will not be alone on this planet, however.

Emeric Thoa, the title’s creative director spoke for the occasion. He explains in particular that the game received a lot of positive reviews on Steam and that the Switch and PS4 versions of Haven were not to be made in a hurry. He thus stipulated:

Since the release of Haven, we’ve received fantastic player feedback with 96% positive feedback on Steam over the past 30 days. We took the time necessary to polish the game for PS4 and Switch, as we didn’t want to rush those releases. Haven is particularly well suited for these platforms: the Switch, with two joysticks, lends itself well to coop play and Haven being inspired by Journey and Persona, it corresponds to the PlayStation audience.

Haven is available now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via theEpic Games Store at a price of 24.99 €. You can purchase the hybrid console from Nintendo to the Fnac for € 299.99.

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