Haven’t found “Watermelon Nida” since early morning carpet search. “Jane Yanthip” got on the boat to perform the ceremony.

Haven’t found it yet.”watermelon Nida” carpeted the search since early in the morning, “Jane Yanthip” volunteered to join the ceremony. After cruising, the point that I can feel is around Wat Khemao.

(26 Feb. 65) at 2:00 am the rescue staff The search team was informed that a clue had been found at Sanghi Bridge Pier. therefore traveled to check But the body or traces of the young actress have not yet been found. have traveled to the port and volunteers to perform the ceremony before boarding a rescue boat to arrive at Phibulsongkram Pier

Mr. Boat Wiboonnan A volunteer at Ruam Kuay Yu Foundation said that initially he did not know that Mr. Jane. What ceremony did Yantip have in front of Pibulsongkram Pier? and told the team that I felt that my sister had floated up. before taking the officer out and pointing the team to see that it may be the point where the younger brother is found The team has sent 6 boats to join the search. Now the search is under the Rama 7 Bridge. Which may be a possibility 50-50. If you meet a younger brother, it is considered good luck for everyone. The search team did not leave any clues. to meet and bring him home

However, for search plans The team is now waiting for the sun to rise. and will carpet search from Phra Nang Klao Bridge to Phra Pinklao both left and right In the past, the team searched for all the clues that were notified, we searched them all. with possibly being bound under water which in the past 26 hours we have been trying to find and expected this morning to know the result

On the side, Ms. Janejira Suebcharoen or Jane Yanthip said that she had been informed.newsFrom around 5 p.m. on the day of the incident and have followednewsUntil the morning I went to make merit. When he returned home, his sister persuaded her to share the merit with watermelons. So I sat and meditated on the waterfront of Rama V Bridge. In meditation, he sees it as being in the basement. More than 3 kilometers away from the accident site. After meditating, he stopped to eat at a restaurant near Phibulsongkhram 2 Pier. until meeting with a group of reporters who eat in the same restaurant and was persuaded to get on the boat

while sitting in the boat, he prayed to ask to open the way and meet which has the feeling that no more than 2 days to meet the body Waiting for the time, the law of karma, the law of time, pull the time, nothing can force it. while getting on the boat to under the Rama 7 Bridge which the area under the bridge has Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine and the Sambhawesi have prayed and donated to charity However, the only obstacle in the search was darkness. The light does not reach the spotlight. therefore consulted with the team And will search again after sunrise. From the boat ride, the point that he can feel is around Wat Khemao

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