Having an undying love for the mountains and forests, two Hanoi girls explore the sunny and windy Central Highlands together

Hue has always had an undying love for the mountain. If she chooses to go to the beach or to the mountains, she still prefers to go to the mountains because the atmosphere is very different.

“The trip was decided by you and me quite spontaneously, when we happened to see on the tour group an article from a group of friends who had just returned from Gia Lai. I am impressed by the beautiful scenery, and the wonderful experiences that you share”, Do Linh Hue, living and working in Hanoi, talked about the reason for having a memorable 4 day 3 night trip with her friend. friends in the two provinces of Kon Tum and Gia Lai.

Beautiful view in Pleiku Lake.

This 9X girl loves to travel to explore, experience new lands and learn the local culture of the places she visits.

“I have always had an undying love for mountains, meaning that if I choose to go to the beach or go to the mountains, I still prefer to go to mountainous areas, because the atmosphere is very different. This trip, I did not prepare much, only the spirit of being ready to explore. My friend used to go to Gia Lai and Kon Tum, so he made a schedule, listed the places and made a note of the dishes to try to make the journey more active,” Hue revealed to the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine. HCM.

Before leaving, Hue looked at the weather forecast. Even though they saw rain, they decided to make this trip. Because she thinks the rain will play the way it does, if you can’t play, just change the atmosphere like the Hue group or jokingly say to each other, “change sleeping places”.

Pleiku Airport welcomed two guests with beautiful warm rays. The trip of 4 days and 3 nights, although it rained in the afternoon, but the overview is completely true when eating and playing a lot. They go from 7:30 am to evening, not taking a nap every day.

Chill in the hundreds of years old pine in Bien Ho tea area.

Take photos at Pleiku Pine Hill Park.

After checking in, the two of you went to eat and drink in the city, in the afternoon they went to Bien Ho tea, a hundred-year-old pine hill. The next day, Hue walked 90 degrees slope, Dak Doa wind power field, pine hill, took a bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Pleiku to the city. Kon Tum and continue a leg up to the town of Mang Den.

On the third day, they went to Pa Sy waterfall, cafe in 37 households, had lunch and took a bus back to Kon Tum, took advantage of playing in Kon Tum (wooden church, Gac Mang Re cafe) and then took the bus back to Ho Chi Minh City. Pleiku.

The last day of the trip, the two guests went to Pleiku Lake, Tan Son dam, Chu Dang Ya volcano, hundreds of years old pine.

One memory of the two of you “happy crying and laughing” is the time when you went to Chu Dang Ya volcano together. It had just rained that day, so the road up was slippery. Despite being reminded by the people, they still decided to go up on their own. As a result, halfway up the car lost momentum, but the two of you still smiled because of your stubbornness.

The time when Hue and her friend came to Gia Lai was when the coffee flowers were at the end of the season, so everywhere they went, they were filled with white color, soft fragrance and impressed by the sight of butterflies flying along the road on the road to wind power fields. , Tan Son dam, volcano… Passing through green tea gardens, pine hills, feeling the sun, wind, and red soil of the Central Highlands, the love between the two of you for this land grows more and more every day.

Both of you are not picky eaters, so the food here is very appetizing, from specialties such as Gia Lai dry noodle soup, chicken rice, fruit bowls to cross pepper hotpot in Mang Den are all very delicious. In particular, as a land of coffee, everyone who randomly visits a certain shop can enjoy delicious coffee. Some days, they drink up to 3 cups of coffee but do not lose sleep.

You go to Chu Dang Ya volcano.

Going to cafe 37 households in Mang Den, Kon Tum.

What leaves an impression on every trip, in addition to the scenery and cuisine, is humanity. “We are fortunate to meet lovely people, from food vendors, homestay owners to people who enthusiastically guide us on how to move, remind us to take care of our belongings to avoid theft. Thanks to that, even though I’m far away, I always feel close, when I go out, I miss it more and want to come back as soon as possible”, Hue feels.

After many days of exploring two provinces in the Central Highlands, Hue, Gia Lai and Kon Tum are places worth going and experiencing.

To the land of the Central Highlands.

The weather is cool and pleasant.

Lots of places to take pictures.

Memorable trip.

Take photos by the wind power fields.

Stop by the waterfall.

Interesting trip to the Central Highlands.

The lake is peaceful.

The scenery is poetic and magnificent.

Beautiful scenery do not want to return.

The places the two girls set foot on on their journey to discover a new land.

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