Hawaii: fight between Michael Rodrigues and Tanner Hendrickson

The Pipe Masters is still off … You have to look after some say. While “chatting quietly” with Brazilian friends over an Acai bowl, the surfer from CT Michael Rodrigues came face to face with the Hawaiian Tanner Hendrickson. All while Michael Rodrigues was live on his Youtube channel.

There followed a brief verbal exchange followed by a fight, at the top of a staircase not far from Pipe. Tanner Hendrickson was immediately sanctioned by the WSL who excluded him from Trials du Pipe Masters in which he had to participate. He was even banned from all WSL events until further notice.

Stab did not take long to get in touch with Tanner Hendrickson first to find out what really happened and get his side of the story. Here is what came out of their interview.

The Hawaiian Tanner Hendrickson

WSL / Keoki Saguibo

The origin of their different

“Michael (Rodrigues) just behaved like a jerk to me for years. There I was fed up. I already had a dispute in the Azores with him. I thought one day he would come and apologize but it got worse and worse. One day at the US Open, I found myself in a heat against him. Before it started, he came to sit next to me not far from the pier. He ducked down and started trying to remove my leash. I didn’t mean to do anything stupid at the time, telling myself that I would beat him in the heat, which I couldn’t do. to do. His behavior afterwards was far from fair “

What really happened yesterday at Pipe

“I saw him come up the stairs. We had a look and then off we went. You saw the rest. What bothers me is that he knew he was being filmed, not me. C he is the originator of this story. He had come to provoke me a few minutes earlier. He knew I was there “.

On his exclusion from the Trials

“The WSL ruled that I was the initiator of this violence. I am disgusted. I had returned home to Maui to make some money to be able to participate in this competition. Now I have to go home. without money and with no chance of participating in the Pipe Masters “.

On the reaction of the North Shore

“I received a lot of messages from Brazilians. Half congratulated me by telling me that I was right because he was a fool. The other half wish my death if I go to Brazil.”

What we can hear on the video

If at first glance, our lack of control over Portuguese leads us to think while watching the video that Michael Rodrigues It does not have much to do with it, it is no longer the case when we translate what was said by his friends.

The cameraman : “Come on guys, we’ll give you some views …”

Another guy : “No he’s just walking around. He’s chill. He’s just chilled out.”

The cameraman : “We are going to have a comedy played by Michael Rodrigues”

Michael Rodrigues : “Are you guys ready?

The cameraman : “Why ? “

Michael Rodrigues :I laugh”

Tanner Hendrickson specified to Stab he had crossed Michael Rodrigues a few minutes before the filmed altercation. Michael Rodrigues would have provoked it in order to premeditate what was to follow facing the camera a few moments later. For Tanner, friends of Michael Rodrigues and the Brazilian himself knew very well what was going to happen at the top of the stairs. That’s why they were filming. From there to say that he did it on purpose to have views on his channel Youtube... There is only one step.

Michael Rodrigues is currently 14th on the CT.

WSL / Poullenot

Joined by Stab, the WSL would have confided having discussed with the two surfers to know what follow-up to this story.

If for now Tanner Hendrickson has been suspended from the Trials and all WSL events until further notice, but no idea of ​​the sanctions taken against Michael Rodrigues. According to the WSL internal regulations, Tanner incurs up to $ 5,000 fine and the risk of never being able to participate in WSL events again. Michael Rodrigues also.


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