Hawaii Five-0: One of the show’s actors dies and fans pay tribute

It has recently been revealed that one of the oldest members, who has participated in the original new and old version of Hawaii Five-0, has passed away. So fans have been paying tribute to this great actor.

Hawaii Five-0 It has been one of the most iconic programs that the television network has transmitted, its first version managed to be on the air for more than 12 years, from 1968 to 1980 with the popular lead actor Jack Lord played Steve McGarrett. However, one of the actors of the first version who also participated in the 2010 version has passed away, the actor Al Harrington.

Hawaii Five-0: One of the show’s actors dies and fans pay tribute

Al Harrington 85-year-old died last Tuesday, September 21, after complications from a stroke. In the first version of Hawaii Five-O, the actor played Detective Ben Kokua who entered the fifth season and then left two seasons later.

However, for the CBS remake in 2010, Harrington returned again, but as a supporting character to play Mamo Kahike, who was an old friend of Steve McGarrett’s father (Alex O’Loughlin), John McGarrett (William Sadler), giving you advice and revealing some secrets.

After hearing the death of Al Harrington, fans did not hesitate to pay tribute to the actor for his great performances in both versions of the Hawaii Five-0 program, maintaining a legacy for more than 40 years and that many old and new fans continue to remember.

“It’s amazing that Hawaii Five-0 maintained that legacy and that connection. May Al Harrington rest in peace, ”said one fan.

Hawaii Five-0: 85-year-old Al Harrington dies of stroke

In fact, the family and the actor’s wife, Rosa Harrington, issued a statement in which they expressed the pain he feels, but at the same time remembering the great moments they lived with him, assuring that it was a gift of “gift from God.” , for your kindness, affection, compassion and patience:

“A noble, compassionate, patient and kind man with a witty sense of humor and an incredible laugh that will resonate in my heart until we are reunited,” part of the statement.

The 2010 version of Hawaii Five-0, still maintains a large number of loyal fans, so many expect to see some of the actors in the new shows that CBS has begun airing on the island, such as NCIS: Hawaii.


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