Hay fever in Frankfurt: Allergy sufferers demand resolute action against birch blossom

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Militant allergy sufferers in Frankfurt want to slaughter birch trees because of their hay fever – and whatever else grows and annoys them.

  • Frankfurt: Allergy sufferers are annoyed by birch blossom
  • Head of Environment: Not only Birch trees on the death list
  • What better against hay fever helps

We have to be strong now. Some birches are said to still be in Frankfurt. But it cannot go on like this. These trees – they have to go! At least when it comes to the people whose names we don’t mention here.

Allergy sufferers, and the author of these lines has been a member of the select group for 40 years, so allergy sufferers like us look forward to the every year Heyday the birch trees. Not. This leads to physical reactions (sneezing, coughing, hot flashes, sweating, zombie eyes), which are not edifying under normal circumstances, but are currently more unpleasant if someone notices them. The t-shirts “No Corona, for me it’s just hay fever!” Were unfortunately sold out again.

Hay fever in Frankfurt: just chop off birch trees?

What can you do there? Well – we hack these Trees simply short and small! In any case, suggest some people who work near birch trees. You assume that the flowering time will be a massive problem, ask the green area office to take action, and forgive, if there is a short roar, “NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE”. Quote end.

Now you have to understand: people are seriously concerned. If hay fever meets Corona, who knows what will happen? The supporters of the large birch slaughter at any rate fear a higher risk of serious illnesses. Nobody should ridicule that.

It is best to decide for yourself whether the proposed countermeasure is really serious: Until Birch blossom “It would be possible for cities, building authorities, forestry offices, horticultural companies, but also citizens, to remove or cut all branches of the birch quickly and cheaply”.

Frankfurt: In addition to birch trees, poplars are also on the death list

In other words, everyone Birch trees saw off all branches. In the spring. Better three weeks ago. Otherwise, as I said, “it’s too late”. We only found out about it now. Pardon. Is it too late now?

What does the head of the environment say? Birch is by no means the only plant on the death list. “Every year we receive requests from various sides to prevent different tree species from blooming,” reports Rosemarie Heilig. Reason: because these trees represent a burden for allergy sufferers or – and now please fasten your seat belts – “because they damage the car paint”. What? German! The poplars want to break your cars!

Hay fever in Frankfurt: Dodge birch trees and just stay inside

“Of course I can understand that people suffer from allergies,” says the city councilor of the Greens, “but do we seriously want to clear the trees and bushes in spring?” What comes next, she thinks: “In summer the meadows bloom prevent and stop growing crops because the seeds cause allergies? “Whether the members of our species really understood this biology issue, she asks:” Without plants, humans would not exist. Isn’t that really known? “

The question remains, what to do instead of the slaughter of trees. Experienced allergy sufferers come up with something relatively quickly: When the pollen flies – just stay inside. Is supposed to help very well against the worst plagues of our time. And later in summer there is a wonderful remedy for heat: the shade of the trees.

Thomas Stillbauer

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