He abused a 7-year-old girl: a camera gave him away during online class

Events happened in Chicago last Thursday, October 15.


02:08 PM / 18/10/2020

A teacher and her first graders watched when one of the 7-year-old students was sexually abused during an online class in Chicago, USA.

The aggressor did not notice that the computer camera was still on and all the assistants in the virtual room were witnesses to the crime, local media reported, cited by the RT web portal.

In the middle of the incident, the teacher asked the rest of the students to disconnect, while the little ones asked “what is happening, what is happening?” Immediately, the teacher notified the police.

Following the reporting of the events, the abuser, identified as Catrell Walls, 18, was arrested on Thursday afternoon, 15-O, on charges of criminal sexual assault.

According to Cook County Assistant State Attorney Andreana Turano, the young man showed utter disregard for children and “unbridled insensitivity to human life.”

For her part, the little girl told authorities that she has suffered sexual assaults by Walls in the last year. However, the minor, in her innocence, referred to the incident as a “secret”

The authorities added that while Walls was detained he began to cry and said he did not know why he had this behavior.

Finally, his lawyer argued that he has “a certain disability” that prevents him from controlling his impulses, something that he will have to support at the next hearing, RT reported.


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