He acted with him in the “Al-Qobba neighborhood” .. And they watched a video of them dancing in an funny way

A number of active accounts were circulated on the application of “Instagram”. Tarif video, collected by the Syrian artist Khaled Al-Qish and his son Faris..

It seemed that the clip had been recorded on “Tik Tok” before it was published by the Qish on his own account in the application, where he sang with his son one of the songs of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan. And many followers agreed on their humor and spontaneity.

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Others remembered that the child was the one who performed the character “Radwan” in the series “Harat al-Qobba”, and they quickly compared his shape to that of his father, as they saw that he was not much like him.

The video, in the first hour after it was posted on one of those accounts, had more than 2,000 views.


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