He attacks policemen with stabs: killed in the night in Milan

February 23, 2021 10:38 am

A 45-year-old Filipino with a record had lashed out at the agents, injuring them not seriously: “Salvini:” Immediately taser the police ”

Help from residents – According to the police headquarters, at midnight and 17 minutes the agents of the Forlanini steering wheel intervened in via Sulmona, where the residents had reported to the operations center a man who was attacking passers-by in the street with a club or a knife. Man then identified behind a hedge by agents thanks to the indications of some citizens in the windows.

The clash and the shots – The Filipino, with a large kitchen knife, however, lashed out at the policemen, who tried to block him and make him desist using a truncheon. An agent fired after the patrol leader fell back and hit his head (and was then taken to the Polyclinic in yellow code).

Salvini asks for the taser for the police – “I hope that now nobody takes it out on the policemen, who have been forced to intervene to avoid further violence,” said Matteo Salvini. “A prayer for the dead with the hope that the police will be equipped with the electric pulse gun that is used in many countries around the world (but not yet in Italy)”, underlined the leader of the League commenting on the each other.


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