He attended a clinic in Quilmes, had an arrest warrant and wore an electronic ankle brace

For second time in the week, the case of a fake doctor who worked in the Conurbano. Although, on this occasion, they did not arrest him for the illegal practice of medicine, but because he had a capture order of the Justice of San Martin. The surprising thing is that he wore a electronic anklet, by a domiciliary in a cause for drugs.

He fell in Quilmes, when I was attending a maternity clinic. To arrest him, the policemen posed as patients.

The operations were carried out by the Quilmes DDI and the detainee was identified by police sources as Jorge Daniel Zapata (60), who used another stamp to attend at the Maternal and Child Clinic on Avenida Brandsen 128.

Jorge Daniel Zapata (60), a tricky doctor.

As he could know Clarion from sources of the investigation, when Zapata was arrested I attended the guard from the clinic.

Although they could not arrest him for practicing as a doctor with another seal, they did arrest him for the arrest warrant in force in the San Martín Justice: “It was for a cause for the crime of aggravated cover-up”.

Upon review, they discovered that he was wearing an electronic anklet for a house arrest.

“It is for one violation of Law 23,737, that of drugs, which is processed in Federal Court No. 3 of Hummock”, Said the sources, although other sources assure that he had been convicted in the Buenos aires city.


The investigators arrived at the doctor trucho after the UFI N ° 5 of Quilmes, headed by Jorge Saizar, filed a complaint of a member of a security force in January of this year.

“The cash went to that clinic for medical attention and recognized it as a person linked to the crime ”, detailed the sources.

The prosecutor Saizar initiated the investigation for the crimes of “illegal practice of medicine and usurpation of title and honors ”.

He had an arrest warrant and a domiciliary one.

He had an arrest warrant and a domiciliary one.

They were several months of work and even in the last hours a group of DDI policemen pretended to be patient.

The troops who went to be treated at the Quilmes clinic were able to verify that the false doctor not only treated them but also issued certificates and recipes doctors using apocryphal stamps of other doctors.



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