“He begged me and I loved that”: the truth behind the separation of Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer

The singer surprised with her new makeover (Photo: Instagram @ yoamandamiguel)

During last year, Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer have been in the spotlight for starring in a sounded separation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but what is behind this distancing that has left an immense mark in the entertainment industry because they are one of the strongest famous couples.

The love between the singers was questioned just a year ago when it was learned that they began their confinement in different countries: she in Los Angeles and he in Mexico, and although they later clarified that their distance was created by travel restrictions, now they are Know what this time also helped them reflect on their relationship.

Amanda Miguel confessed to Pati Chapoy what what she did during her husband’s absence in Los Angeles, California, how she dealt with this estrangement, and what motivated her to soon return to her marriage bed.

According to the Argentine artist, she undertook the trip after the concert they offered on March 10 at the National Auditorium and although her interest was to meet the following weekend, this no longer took place due to the health emergency.

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“He never came back and I never left”, assured the interpreter of He lied to me, who added that during this long separation she was operated on for a cataract in her eye and found her new home in the United States.

Amanda Miguel accepted that the distancing served to reinforce their love ties: “In the end he begged me and I loved that. He begged me and when he began to beg me was when he could not go. My heart was breaking in two because I knew that he was desperate for me and he felt that I had abandoned him, but it was not like that ”.

Sure (I missed him). At first it was very cool, let him make his life, I make mine, I dedicate myself to myself, I do my yoga, I improved my cervical muscles a lot because I started exercising and next to my daughter I obviously felt super good ”, added the star.

According to the artist, during her stay in Los Angeles she lived with her daughter Ana Victoria a lot and due to the joint activities she did not feel alone, although she did appreciate the presence of her husband, who could not be on her birthday either.

(Photo: Diego Verdaguer's Instagram)
(Photo: Diego Verdaguer’s Instagram)

“The first days were ‘what a father’, also to value ourselves, because if you are there all day you need to miss the person a little”, accepted in interview for Windowing.

During this time, he also underwent surgery for thyroid nodules. “They removed all the number of nodules that I had, I did not have any serious disease, thank God. I decided to cut my hair because I wanted to do it, “he said.

In this interview, Amanda Miguel denied the version that she is “a toxic mother-in-law”, as the magazine said a few weeks ago TV Notes, where it was published that her presence was the reason for the separation between Ana Victoria and her husband.

The couple separated for almost eight months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And it is that Amanda Miguel was confined in California, in the United States, next to his daughter Ana Victoria, while Diego Verdaguer did it in Mexico.

Amanda Miguel opened up about her relationship with Diego Verdaguer

During this time, it was speculated that various problems within the famous marriage led to the separation, although soon both characters came out to clarify the situation.

A few weeks ago the singer highlighted on her social networks that she has not thought about divorce. “No not at all. I plan to live with him my whole life, this one and those that follow ”, she said convinced before the camera.


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