“He blocked me and started doing very aggressive maneuvers, my children were really scared”

The facts occurred early Thursday evening and were entirely filmed by the dashcam of a third-party vehicle. In the images, we see two men driving in a van collide on several occasions before ending up fighting with their fists.

One of the drivers lives in Dendermonde. This Saturday, after the scene was broadcast in the media, he decided to speak in the columns of Laatste Nieuws to deliver his version of the facts. The man, who was going to the chip shop with his two children, explains that things degenerated at a crossroads. “I came from another direction and it went wrong with the other road user,” he told our colleagues.

What followed was a long escalation of violence. “He blocked me and started doing very aggressive maneuvers. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, because my children were really scared. “If we see the two vans collide on the video, the father of the family explains that he never wanted that. “I am self-employed and my van cost me a lot. Why would I want to destroy it? I just wanted to go to the police to report the incident but the other driver got out and a fight broke out. »

It was finally outside the vehicles that the dispute ended with blows exchanged on both sides, even if the driver explained that he had acted in self-defense. “I’m sure I made a mistake. But I also want to clarify that many other things happened before these images, which were also seen by witnesses. I still have to make a statement myself to the police, but I hope everything will be cleared up soon. My sons and I are traumatized by this event. »

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