he compares Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson!

Chance The Rapper has always been a bit perched, but here he goes beyond the limits.

Comparisons are often a risky game,especially when it comes to comparing artists from completely different eras. In rap, we are often entitled to comparisons with Tupac, with Notorious BIG, with Eminem (as soon as the rapper is white …). Comparisons often misguided, wobbly, but we have now just passed a level in this area. Indeed, Chance The Rapper dared to compare Justin Bieber to … Michael Jackson, including comparing the quality of their music.

During a video conference with Justin Bieber, he said a few words about the latter’s upcoming album, on which he collaborated. “I think we have to bring up the fact that your album is super hot. I’m going to say it, because I really mean it, I already told you when we were in Chicago, it’s some of the best music that I’ve heard in my life. It even reminds me of when Michael Jackson recorded Off The Wall “, said Chance The Rapper.

Remember that Michael Jackson reigned supreme in Pop for many long years, when Justin Bieber is justa very big artist among many others. We’ll see if Bieber’s music will resist time as well as the King’s, but we already have a good indicator: 10 years after its release, is anyone still listening “Baby” ? As a great Internet philosopher would say, “I believe the question is answered quickly”. However, be careful, we are not immune to Justin giving us madness for this end of years.


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