He could not bear the force of the shock.. An Egyptian groom lost consciousness and fell unconscious as soon as the bride took off all her clothes on the wedding night and witnessed the unexpected surprise.!! (fireworks details)

Shocking and fantasy-like details of an Egyptian groom who waited for the wedding night for more than two years and betrothed to the girl of his dreams. He went out with her and lived the best times with her until he fell in love with her, but in love with her, as he said in his talk about the shock he saw on the night of the wedding.

The Egyptian groom after a long wait and a big wedding and expenses. He entered his wife, but when she entered to change her clothes and returned to him here, the shock was, he says. It’s like she’s a different girl, not her. And it was never a female with whom he could have sexual relations, as he told the judge who asked him to divorce her.

Sayed said his fiancée, N.N., 26, deceived him with her attractive features and feminine slender body. However, he was surprised on the night of his life that it was fake and contrary to all his expectations.

He continued: “The bride disappeared for a few minutes to change her clothes, and when she came out of the bathroom, I could not stand what I saw, as she was without falsification or deception for the first time. She was without any feminine features, as if she was another girl.

He concluded: “I tried to be closer to her, but I could not. Because her body is the body of a little girl at 10 years old. And when I tried to ask her why her response shocked me even more.”

The girl deceived the groom by placing a sponge in her chest to make him appear as a real adult female. But she did not take off her clothes with the sponge until she appeared completely without a breast, which disturbed him because she had not told him this fact before, and he was engaged to her for more than two consecutive years.

According to the husband’s statement in court. His wife admitted to him that she tried to treat the matter with the doctors, but it did not work. “The doctors told her, this is your body and it will not change its nature like this.

She deceived me and it was all spongy, not a natural breast. I want to release her because she is a lie and she deceived me in the name of love for two years with her I do not know the truth. And it is impossible to build my life on lies.. what will you teach my son or daughter?”

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