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He didn’t want a syringe: Man went to vaccinate with a silicone arm

A 50-year-old Italian did not want to be vaccinated at all and has thought about how he can deceive the doctors so that he can get an entry in his vaccination record. His idea: He appeared in a vaccination center in Biella, northern Italy, with a silicone arm. This had a shoulder with the deltoid muscle into which the needle is inserted.

Before he was to be piked, he signed the declaration of consent in front of the doctor. He then sat in the chair to receive the vaccine, exposing his shoulder. Although the silicone application was very similar to real skin, the color and feel of the skin made the vaccination attendant suspicious and she quickly discovered that the man had a “fake arm”.

After he was blown he tried to persuade the nurse to turn a blind eye. But she could not be softened and called the Carabinieri. Now the prosecutor is dealing with the case.

Such cases are not entirely foreign to Biella’s local health authority. Similar events would happen now, especially because those who come now for the first dose are above all vaccine opponents who need a vaccination certificate for professional reasons. The vaccination rate in Italy is 75 percent (total population).

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