He feigns kidnapping to avoid work

A young man from Arizona has been arrested for pretending he was kidnapped when he simply wanted time off from work.

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On February 10, Brandon Soules was found by Coolidge City police. The man who was tied up and gagged reportedly told law enforcement he had been abducted and beaten. Now, he would have done all this work himself.

The man reportedly placed a bandana in his mouth before binding his hands with his own belt and standing on the side of the road waiting for someone to find him there.

When police arrived, Brandon Soules claimed he was hit on the head and forcibly taken in a car in front of his house.

Checking the scene’s surveillance cameras, however, did not reveal any confirmation of this side of the story.

The man claimed that a huge sum of money hidden in the desert by his father was behind this alleged kidnapping.

After a few days of investigation, the police brought Brandon Soules back to the station for questioning. It was then that the young man unpacked his bag, admitting that he had invented this story from scratch.

Even if his subterfuge failed, Brandon Soules will have managed to get kicked out of his job. He was also accused of reporting false information. It seems that he would have decided to plead guilty.


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