“He grabbed me in a mall”: Titi García-Huidobro recalled the harsh encounter he had with Raquel Argandoña

During the new chapter of Follow me and I follow youTiti García-Huidobro declassified a fierce encounter that he had with Raquel Argandoña in a mall some time ago.

It all started when the panel was analyzing the controversy between Claudio Reyes and José Antonio Neme, which has given a lot to talk about in recent days. It was thus that the panelist remembered the tense episode that she lived with Quintrala.

“I remember that once Raquel Argandoña grabbed me in a mall,” Titi confessed, upsetting his classmates in the studio, according to what he stated. look what he did.

Along the same lines, he revealed that Quintrala “treated me badly.”

Titi then explained the reasons behind Raquel’s fury, pointing out that it was all because of some comments she made about her daughter, Kel Calderón.

“Supposedly on the radio I had talked about Kel and I didn’t even remember. He worked, at that time, with Pato Frez and Raquel never forgot him, ”added the panelist.

It was so that one day they met in a shopping center and Raquel did not let Titi’s comment pass. “He told me ‘hey Titi, I don’t know what… in another way, but it doesn’t matter to her,” she recounted. Of course, the panelist explained that at the time “we solved it”.

“There are people who stay with that situation that you said at some point, perhaps with bad intentions, or perhaps without bad intentions,” said Titi.

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